29 November 2015

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11:00 PMDr. Dee: Alaska Vet - Laundromat Surgery  : Dr. Dee examines a large horse for a potentially deadly problem; he treats a feisty miniature horse.
12:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - A New Best Friend: Scared pit bull is abandoned by his owners in an empty house; Oklahoma family; Jethro becomes ill.
1:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Tia's Favorite Adoptions 2: Tia reminisces on an adoption involving an adopter who sought out a new companion.
2:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Tia's Favorite Adoptions 1: Tia reminisces on an adoption involving a dog with terrible injuries and a long recovery.
3:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Reptile Rage: A Florida alligator handler conducts an ill-advised move; an anaconda and a boa constrictor attack.
4:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Cat-tastrophes
5:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Un-bear-able: An earthquake endangers the panda population in China.
6:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Whale Watch: A college student falls prey to a bull's wrath at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.
7:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Teeth, Talons, Terror: A white shark crashes into a shark cage, trapping divers.
8:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Heroes and Horror: An anaconda attacks a wildlife documentarian.
9:00 AMK-9 Cops - Hide and Seek: Officer MacAlpine and Deuce track a felon in hiding.
10:00 AMK-9 Cops - Meet the Elite: A K-9 team is drawn into a high-speed car chase.
11:00 AMK-9 Cops - Meet the Elite Part 2: Officer Buchmeier and his K-9, Andy, chase two armed men on the run.
12:00 PMK-9 Cops - Rookies: Rookie officers and their K-9 companions get into a high speed car chase.
1:00 PMCall of the Wildman - Apocalypse Meow  : A vicious animal causes terror at a horse farm; a man's race cars are damaged by a pesky critter.
1:30 PMCall of the Wildman - Mudzilla Attacks  : A vicious animal picks off goats at a farm; Turtleman tries to rescue a critter from a mud hole.
2:00 PMCall of the Wildman - Smokey and the Bandit  : Turtleman hunts critters in a storage facility and Allen's cigar warehouse.
2:30 PMCall of the Wildman - Unarmed and Dangerous  : Team Turtle must dodge paintballs when they take a critter call from the owner of a paintball park.
3:00 PMCall of the Wildman - Snake Town Shakedown  : Worm farm worms become a critter's snack; snakes occupy Neal's grandpa's basement.
3:30 PMCall of the Wildman - The Crittersburg Address  : Call from a manor once visited by President Abraham Lincoln; newlyweds hear rattling in their RV.
4:00 PMCall of the Wildman - Chaos in Critter Cavern  : Jerry's unique home hosts creeping critter; 12-foot Burmese python slithers around Christa's house.
4:30 PMCall of the Wildman - Swine Dining  : Search for a carnivorous predator poaching pigs; not-so-dead animal at bowling alley.
5:00 PMCall of the Wildman - Snap 'n' Splash  : Critters are gnawing on expensive items in an antique store; animal is trapped in filtration system.
5:30 PMCall of the Wildman - Headless Horror  : A predator helps itself to chickens and eggs at Lindsey's chicken coup; a tree-chomping critter.
6:00 PMCall of the Wildman - Kneel Before Sod  : Critter digs tunnels through Turtleman's middle-school teacher's barn; Turtleman busts-a-move.
6:30 PMCall of the Wildman - Phantom Menace  : Bobo and Ranae from ''Finding Bigfoot'' stop in but the calls keep coming in for Turtleman and Neal.
7:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Above and Beyond  : Wardens McBrine and Carter begin hunting a wanted man; a search that could take days.
8:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Dirty Habits  : Parker discovers a rotting bear carcass dumped on the roadside; inappropriate couple being nasty.
9:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Wardens' Most Wanted 11  : Looking back on when a Facebook post lead to the apprehension of gang of poachers.
10:00 PMNorth Woods Law: On the Hunt - High Jinx  : Often protected by heavily armed security, the wardens hunt down illegal marijuana growing sites.
11:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Dirty Habits  : Parker discovers a rotting bear carcass dumped on the roadside; inappropriate couple being nasty.