21 October 2016

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11:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - My Husband Is Hallucinating: A boy suffering from an apparent flu soon develops a life-threatening condition.
12:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - There's Something Living In My Hand!: A mystery infection tackles a football player; parasites devour the eyeball of a stay-at-home mom.
1:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - There's a Worm in My Eye: A teenage ballerina experiences painful migraines; a young missionary uncovers an unholy revelation.
2:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - The Eyeball Eater: Infection is eating away a college student's eyeball; mysterious infection paralyzes 6-month-old.
3:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - I Have a What in my What?: A baby falls ill and struggles to breathe; a man has something living in an embarrassing place.
4:00 AMMonsters Inside Me: Extra Deadly - There's Something Living in My Knee?!  : Four-year-old boy drowning in his own mucus; seven-year-old's knee injury; recurring nightmares.
5:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - There's Something Living In My Hand!: A mystery infection tackles a football player; parasites devour the eyeball of a stay-at-home mom.
6:00 AMBig Cat Diary - Learning to Hunt: Out on their own, hunger compels Amber's cubs to hunt for a meal.
6:30 AMBig Cat Diary - Benefits of Rain for the Big Cats: Examining the relationships between male and female lions of the Marsh pride.
7:00 AMMy Cat From Hell - My Cat Ruined My Wedding  : Two stories of human relationships put through the wringer by pesky felines.
8:00 AMDogs 101 - Kooikerhondje, Tibetan Mastif, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Leonberger, Affenpin: Meet the Kooikerhondje, Tibetan Mastif, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Leonberger, Affenpin.
9:00 AMBad Dog! - Food Fiends: Cooper the Labrador loves ice cream so much that his hometown has a flavor named after him.
10:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Hoarder Apartment: A recently evicted woman leaves behind several cats in her apartment, and some need urgent care.
11:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Snakes on the Loose: As investigators arrive to rescue abandoned horses, they find puppies trapped inside storm drain.
12:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Band of Brothers: Tia and the twins enact a plan after they learn of Chong's cancer diagnosis.
1:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Buried Alive: Basketball player Zach Randolph contacts Tia about a dog that was rescued from a drainpipe.
2:00 PMTanked - Fish Out of Water  : Designing a shark tank for an orthodontist and a custom refrigerator tank for an appliance store.
3:00 PMTanked - Jurassic Campground  : Redneck designs a RV aquarium; the team builds an indoor tank that holds both alligators and sharks.
4:00 PMTanked - A Guiding Light to Fitness  : An Alabama casino requests a tank with a scaled replica of a historical lighthouse.
5:00 PMTanked - Fermenting Donuts  : Wayde and Brett transport a fully operational beer fermenter, then create a doughnut-shaped tank.
6:00 PMTanked - 100 Episodes STRONG!  : Assembling a Florida Gators-themed tank for WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil of the Prime-Time Players.
7:00 PMTanked: Sea-Lebrity Edition - Totally Tracy  : Back-to-back builds with Tracy Morgan; a huge tank for sharks; a tank for a rapidly growing octopus.
9:00 PMTanked: Unfiltered - The Hoff Gets Tanked  : ATM is buzzing after news that mega-star David Hasselhoff would love a shark tank in his home.
10:00 PMTanked - Country Superstar Surprise!  : Brittany Kerr, wife of country star Jason Aldean, wants to surprise her husband with a fish tank.
11:01 PMTanked - Medieval Protection  : California family wants a medieval tank; owners of military replica store wants WWII army tank tank.
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