25 July 2017

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11:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Hot on the Heels 
12:00 AMNorth Woods Law - Takedown  : The wardens keep an eye out for night hunters and track down deer poacher as big game season begins.
1:00 AMNorth Woods Law - The Nick of Time  : Hunters shooting from their vehicles; furious group of armed hunters surround Warden Lounder.
2:00 AMNorth Woods Law - Truth Be Told  : The wardens encounter people of all shapes and sizes who lie their butts off to get out of trouble.
3:00 AMNorth Woods Law - Above and Beyond  : Wardens McBrine and Carter begin hunting a wanted man; a search that could take days.
4:00 AMNorth Woods Law - Dirty Habits  : Parker discovers a rotting bear carcass dumped on the roadside; inappropriate couple being nasty.
5:00 AMNorth Woods Law - Fighting the Flood  : A black bear cub wreaks havoc on a small community; rescuing a man whose canoe has flipped.
6:00 AMMeerkat Manor: The Next Generation - Rising Star: Nikita teaches the Whiskers a lesson after they stray into Commando territory.
6:30 AMMeerkat Manor: The Next Generation - Family Way: Seacrest helps the Aztecs find a new home.
7:00 AMDogs 101 - Pug, Weimaraner, Maltese, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Akita: Meeting the pug, weimaraner, maltese, soft coated wheaten terrier, and akita.
8:00 AMAmerica's Cutest - Dogs: Pooch Power  : Counting down the goofiest and most adorable dog clips.
9:00 AMBad Dog! - Food Fiends: Cooper the Labrador loves ice cream so much that his hometown has a flavor named after him.
10:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Trinity: SPCA agents find a neglected dog and seek justice against the owner.
11:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Exodus: Vets are confronted by one of the most shocking cases in the history of the Houston SPCA.
12:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Can't Give Up: As the team drives all the way to Michigan for home check, they get sidetracked by emergency rescue.
1:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Collision Course: Two dogs running wild on the train tracks prompts a rescue mission; married couple look to adopt.
2:00 PMLone Star Law - Out For Blood  : Hunters in Texas fill the woods trying to bag a buck; game wardens investigate deer stand thefts.
3:00 PMLone Star Law - Order on the Border  : Pair of suspects tell inconsistent stories about which one shot a deer; deer trapped between fences.
4:00 PMLone Star Law - Gator vs. Game Warden  : Nuisance alligator gets close; illegal fish lead to citations; squirrel hunter caught trespassing.
5:00 PMLone Star Law - Run and You're Done  : The start of dove season in Texas; road hunters in a decoy sting; a rogue gator in Texarkana.
6:00 PMLone Star Law - The Eagle Has Landed  : Injured bald eagle needs attention; illegal alligator parts being sold; multiple undersized fish.
7:00 PMLone Star Law - Roadside Sting  : For opening weekend of deer season, game wardens ensure everyone plays by the rules.
8:00 PMLone Star Law: Texas Justice - Big Buck Fight  : Texas game wardens get a call to separate two full-grown bucks that locked antlers.
9:00 PMLone Star Law: Texas Justice - Fishing Foul  : The old adage ``teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime'' gets taken too far.
10:00 PMLone Star Law: Texas Justice - The Night Hunters  : The game wardens do some night surveillance of hunters when shots start ringing out in the darkness.
11:00 PMLone Star Law - Caught Red Handed  : Undercover mission to stop wild animal black market; oil spill threatens wildlife in Galveston.
12:00 AMLocal Programming