21 July 2017

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11:02 PMNaked and Afraid - The Swarm  : Survivalists must endure the jungles of Panama, and its disease-carrying insects.
12:02 AMNaked and Afraid - Blood in the Water  : Survivalists must overcome starvation to weather the terrain of Andros Island in the Bahamas.
1:02 AMNaked and Afraid - Rumble in the Jungle  : Christina and Steve tackle the Mexican jungle of Quintana Roo for 21 days.
2:02 AMNaked and Afraid - Contamination  : Survivalists struggle to survive in a Philippine forest, combating hunger with the help of a skunk.
3:00 AMAmerican Tarzan - Enter the Jungle  : Seven people with superhuman skills take on a brutal obstacle course created by nature.
4:00 AMAmerican Tarzan - Coastal Chaos  : Six remaining contestants take on the coastline as they traverse gigantic trees and cliffs.
5:00 AMAmerican Tarzan - Mudslide  : The challengers must face the mountains of Dominica, scaling through steep terrain.
6:00 AMAmerican Tarzan - Witch's Hat  : The final four take on the canyons during the last challenge of their journey.
7:00 AMDual Survival - On the Edge: Joe and Matt must descend slippery cliffs in extreme conditions.
8:00 AMDual Survival - Mayan Mayhem: Joe and Matt battle darkness and risk drowning while trapped in a labyrinth of underground tunnels.
9:00 AMDual Survival - End of the Road: While stranded in Vietnam, Joe and Matt face the hottest month of the year in South East Asia.
10:00 AMDual Survival - Into the Canyons: Joe and Matt attempt to survive in the harsh terrain of southern Utah.
11:00 AMDual Survival - Downed and Out Part One: Matt and Joe start at the site of a plane crash on an uninhabited tropical island.
12:00 PMDual Survival - Downed and Out Part Two: Matt and Joe risk a swim in shark-infested waters and fight for life-sustaining basics.
1:00 PMDual Survival - Waterlogged: While in the rainforest of Costa Rica, Matt and Joe battle torrential rains.
2:00 PMDual Survival - Coastal Catastrophe: Matt and Joe are marooned on a rocky coast in the Pacific Northwest.
3:00 PMDual Survival - No Man Is an Island: Joe tries to locate his new partner, who is on an uninhabited island off the coast of Panama.
4:00 PMSharktacular: Exclusive sneak peeks, viral videos, and the greatest sharks in Shark Week history.
5:00 PMAlaskan Bush People: Book of Browntown - Build It They Will Come  : The family starts construction on their new house and barter work for windows.
6:00 PMAlaskan Bush People: Book of Browntown - Provide & Protect  : Matt continues his mission to provide for the family; the Browns protect their new cow.
7:00 PMAlaskan Bush People: Book of Browntown - Against the Tide  : The Browns clean up the beach and find a new home for Gabe; Billy and Ami deal with an injury.
8:00 PMAlaskan Bush People: Book of Browntown - Ground Up  : The family works together to build up Browntown and the boys meet with a matchmaker.
9:00 PMAlaskan Bush People: Book of Browntown - Cold Horizon  : The Browns deal with the departure of one of their own while preparing for the winter.
10:02 PMAlaskan Bush People - Weight of the Wolfpack  : As Ami awaits treatment options, the kids prepare to join Matt to begin packing up Browntown.
11:02 PMAlaskan Bush People - Sink or Swim  : A snow storm threatens the Browns' first hauling job; a deal threatens the wolfpack's freedom.
12:04 AMLocal Programming