20 September 2017

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11:00 PMWhite Shadows in the South Seas: A doctor tries to save an island beauty and her tribe from corruption by a pearl trader.
12:45 AMThe Broadway Melody: Midwestern sisters go to New York, where one flirts with the other's dancer boyfriend.
2:45 AMSullivan's Travels: A Hollywood director poses as a hobo for his next work, a serious social epic.
4:30 AMThe Sin of Harold Diddlebock: A fired bookkeeper gets drunk, gambles and buys a circus.
6:00 AMNazi Agent: A German-American poses as his twin brother, a Nazi spy, to expose a spy ring.
7:30 AMDead Men Walk: A bad doctor comes back as a vampire for revenge on his good twin.
9:00 AMA Stolen Life: A New England artist takes the place and the husband of her twin sister who has drowned.
11:00 AMThe Corsican Brothers: Emotionally linked 19th-century twins inherit an age-old vendetta on the island of Corsica.
1:00 PMHouse of Numbers: A man falls in love with his sister-in-law while planning his twin brother's prison escape.
2:45 PMSmilin' Through: A Victorian Englishman's niece and her suitor resemble his long-dead bride and tragic rival.
4:30 PMThe Scapegoat: Briton doubles for dastardly French count.
6:15 PMThe Prisoner of Zenda: A look-alike British tourist poses as the king of Ruritania.
8:00 PMGood Morning, Miss Dove: An ailing spinster schoolteacher's fate lies with the New England townsfolk she molded as students.
10:00 PMLove Is a Many Splendored Thing: A Eurasian doctor falls in love with a married U.S. war correspondent in Hong Kong.
12:00 AMLocal Programming