30 August 2016

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11:00 PMSnow White and the Huntsman: An evil queen is bent on destroying the only woman in the land more fair than she.
2:00 AMMike & Molly - Windy City: As a tornado reaches Chicago, Molly and Mike reveal important news to each other.
2:30 AMMike & Molly - Molly Unleashed: Molly decides to leave her teaching career to become a writer.
3:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
3:30 AMTry Total Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get into the best shape.
4:00 AMPressure Cooker: Hearty, wholesome meals in LESS time!
4:30 AMWorld's Easiest Computer: Frustrated by traditional computers? Introducing Telikin!
5:00 AMBest Pan Ever!: Copper Chef is the non-stick, no clean up pan that serves as a roasting pan and baking dish!
5:30 AMLook up to 2 Sizes Smaller Instantly!: Slim Panties 360 will mold your body instantly and create control in your waist and abdomen.
6:00 AMSuffering From Lower Back Pain?: The Teeter Hang Ups allows you to decompress your back and joints in just minutes a day!
6:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:00 AMDistrict 9: South Africa assigns a restricted area for extraterrestrial refugees.
9:30 AMSalt: A CIA officer goes on the run after a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy.
11:30 AMTwo and a Half Men - Look at Me, Mommy, I'm Pretty: Alan plans Evelyn's wedding; Charlie pursues his future stepsister.
12:00 PMTwo and a Half Men - If My Hole Could Talk: Charlie discovers he is attracted to an older woman who writes self-help books; Jake and Alan fight.
12:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Swarley: Ted and Barney try to convince Marshall his new girlfriend is crazy.
1:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Atlantic City: Marshall and Lily go to Atlantic city to elope, but are held up by the three-day wait for a license.
1:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Slap Bet: Robin refuses to go to the mall with the gang, hoping to cover up a secret from her past.
2:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Single Stamina: Barney struggles with the realization that all his friends have settled into relationships.
2:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother - First Time in New York: Robin tries to keep her younger sister from having sex; the group recall their first experiences.
3:00 PMTwo and a Half Men - Taterhead Is Our Love Child: Charlie finds that one of his former girlfriends has a son who looks a lot like him.
3:30 PMTwo and a Half Men - Pie Hole, Herb: Alan crosses a line when he tries to get back money that he lent Charlie.
4:00 PMMike & Molly - The First and Last Ride-Along: Molly decides to write a crime novel and goes on a ride-along with Mike to research her book.
4:30 PMMike & Molly - Sex and Death: Molly goes to the funeral home where Victoria works to research her novel.
5:00 PMUnderworld: Awakening: Vampire warrior Selene escapes imprisonment to find that humans are killing vampires and lycans.
7:00 PMThe Wolverine: In Japan, Wolverine goes on the run with an heiress and confronts the prospect of real mortality.
10:00 PMTyrant - How to Live: When Abuddin falls into chaos, Daliyah takes a public stand; Barry tries to regain control.
11:14 PMTyrant - How to Live: When Abuddin falls into chaos, Daliyah takes a public stand; Barry tries to regain control.
12:28 AMLocal Programming