24 August 2017

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11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Business Affairs: Doug gets jealous of Carrie's gay co-worker and worries about the strength of their marriage.
12:00 AMThe King of Queens - Flash Photography: While at a wedding, Doug plays a lewd joke with a disposable camera.
12:30 AMThe King of Queens - Flame Resistant: Carrie finds out Doug's high-school sweetheart (Lola Glaudini) still keeps in touch with his mother.
1:00 AMYounger - The Incident at Pound Ridge  : Sparks fly at the annual Empirical Publishing picnic; Liza is caught between Josh and Charles.
1:32 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Burning Love: Richard and Christine are shocked when they realize how much their college buddies have aged.
2:00 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - The Mole: After discovering a suspicious mole, Christine panics; Richard moves back in with New Christine.
2:36 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - For Love or Money: Christine hires an aggressive divorce attorney who convinces her that Barb owes her alimony.
3:12 AMRoseanne - Mommy Nearest: Roseanne's mom wants to move to Lanford; Jackie dates a younger guy.
3:49 AMRoseanne - Pretty in Black: Darlene's Sweet Sixteen birthday party; Roseanne dreams of investing in a new business with Jackie.
4:21 AMRoseanne - Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places: Denied a loan to open a restaurant, Roseanne must turn to her mother.
4:54 AMHow I Met Your Mother - World's Greatest Couple: Lily moves in with Barney; Marshall enjoys fun couple activities with another man.
5:27 AMHow I Met Your Mother - Aldrin Justice: Barney propositions Marshall's law professor; Lily tries to teach Ted's boss a lesson.
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9:00 AMThe Andy Griffith Show - A New Doctor in Town: The town's new doctor is shunned by all the Mayberry citizens.
9:37 AMThe Andy Griffith Show - Don't Miss a Good Bet: Andy and his level-headed friends and relatives are taken in by a con man's get-rich-quick scheme.
10:14 AMThe Andy Griffith Show - Dinner at Eight: Andy looks forward to eating a few snacks and spending an evening alone.
10:51 AMBonanza - Spanish Grant: Ex-dancehall girl poses as Spanish aristocrat to obtain large piece of property.
12:00 PMGunsmoke - The Hide Cutters: Matt joins a trail drive to prevent a conflict between the drivers and some hide-cutters.
1:00 PMGunsmoke - Zavala: A 13-year-old sees Matt as a man who can rid his village of all bandits.
2:00 PMGunsmoke - Uncle Finney: A bizarre attempted robbery by two bumbling hill-country brothers turns into a comedy of errors.
3:00 PMGunsmoke - Slocum: After Matt is forced to kill a crooked gambler, his vengeful father sets out to kill Matt.
4:00 PMThe Andy Griffith Show - Deputy Otis: Otis impresses his relatives when Andy makes him a temporary deputy.
4:36 PMThe Andy Griffith Show - Mr. McBeevee: When Opie starts talking about Mr. McBeevee, Andy and Barney suspect he has an imaginary friend.
5:12 PMThe Andy Griffith Show - Andy's Rich Girlfriend: Peggy McMillan and Andy get along fine until he learns her father is rich.
5:48 PMM*A*S*H - The Billfold Syndrome: Charles is turned down for a postwar medical position.
6:24 PMM*A*S*H - None Like It Hot: The oppressive Korean heat gets to everyone, especially Klinger.
7:00 PMM*A*S*H - They Call the Wind Korea: A strong windstorm affects the members of the 4077th in various ways.
7:36 PMM*A*S*H - Major Ego: Charles assumes heroic proportions after reviving a dying patient with heart massage.
8:12 PMM*A*S*H - Baby, It's Cold Outside: Charles flaunts his warm polar suit before cold comrades.
8:48 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Power of No: Ray's latest manipulative plan involves constantly turning down Debra.
9:24 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Pat's Secret: Robert's mother-in-law, Pat (Georgia Engel), is concealing a big secret from her family.
10:00 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Finale: A brief complication after minor surgery forces the Barones to consider life without Raymond.
10:30 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Pilot: Debra yearns for nothing more than a peaceful birthday at home with her husband.
11:00 PMThe King of Queens - Flash Photography: While at a wedding, Doug plays a lewd joke with a disposable camera.
11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Flame Resistant: Carrie finds out Doug's high-school sweetheart (Lola Glaudini) still keeps in touch with his mother.
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