28 June 2017

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11:31 PMAt Midnight With Chris Hardwick - Alaska; Katya; Ginger Minj  : Alaska, Katya and Ginger Minj of ``RuPaul's Drag Race.''
12:01 AMThe Jim Jefferies Show: Jim offers some constructive criticism about how to run the United States.
12:31 AMSouth Park - Dead Celebrities: Kyle brings in professional ghost hunters to help save his little brother from paranormal forces.
1:05 AMSouth Park - Trapped in the Closet: Stan looks to new religions.
1:40 AMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - Whoopi Goldberg  : Actress Whoopi Goldberg.
2:10 AMSouth Park - Cat Orgy: A meteor shower hits South Park; Shelly baby-sits Cartman.
2:40 AMSouth Park - Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub: The boys' call to the police creates a stand-off.
3:10 AMSouth Park - Jewbilee: South Park waits for the meteor shower; Kyle and Ike go camping.
3:40 AMKey & Peele - A Cappella Club: A PSA helps prevent child soldiers in Africa; a college a cappella group gets a new member.
4:10 AMInside Amy Schumer - Foam  : Amy falls in love with her barista; confronts her therapist about her mother; gets decapitated.
4:40 AMInside Amy Schumer - Wingwoman  : Amy travels through time, listens to terrible stories and gives an entire town the clap.
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7:00 AMScrubs - My Big Bird: Dr. Kelso queries the staff as he investigates a patient's death.
7:30 AMScrubs - My Half-Acre: J.D. meets a new potential love interest (Mandy Moore), and Elliot steps in with romantic advice.
8:00 AMScrubs - Her Story II: J.D. gets annoyed because his new girlfriend does not laugh, but tells him when things are funny.
8:30 AMScrubs - My Buddy's Booty: An annoyingly perfect intern exacerbates J.D.'s problems with a patient and his breakup.
9:00 AMScrubs - My Cabbage: When Kelso finds a bird in the hospital, he orders the janitor to dispose of it.
9:30 AMScrubs - My Five Stages: J.D. and Dr. Cox grow closer as they grieve with their favorite patient, who is declining in health.
10:00 AMThat '70s Show - Spread Your Wings: Donna wonders whether dating Randy is the right thing; Fez tries to impress the ladies.
10:35 AMThat '70s Show - Son & Daughter: When Hyde's father asks him to housesit, the gang convinces him to throw a party.
11:10 AMThat '70s Show - Keep Yourself Alive: On the way home from the county fair, Fez accidentally throws Kitty's wedding ring out the window.
11:45 AMThat '70s Show - My Fairy King: Samantha's real husband shows up; Jackie makes of list of qualities she desires in a man.
12:20 PMThat '70s Show - Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Jackie seeks advice from Donna and a therapist when she realizes that she has feelings for Fez.
12:55 PMThat '70s Show - We Will Rock You: Jackie tries to seduce Fez with disco; Kitty and Red learn that their new neighbors are gay.
1:30 PMThat '70s Show - Sheer Heart Attack: Fez decides to stop being a player and settle down with one woman.
2:00 PMThat '70s Show - Leaving Home Ain't Easy: Jackie makes Fez's life miserable when she declares her love and he turns her down.
2:30 PMThat '70s Show - Love of My Life: Red and Kitty show their home to prospective buyers; Jackie tells Fez the truth about how she feels.
3:00 PMArcher - Deadly Velvet: Part 1: Archer and the crew are hired to investigate suspicious activity on a movie set.
3:35 PMArcher - Deadly Velvet: Part II: The movie set becomes a dangerous place after the discovery of another body.
4:10 PMArcher - Mole Hunt: Archer attempts to cover up discrepancies in his ISIS expense account.
4:45 PMFuturama - Love & Rocket: Bender falls in love with the spaceship after the professor upgrades its software with a sexy voice.
5:20 PMFuturama - Leela's Homeworld: The orphanarium where Leela grew up honors her for her success as a starship captain.
5:50 PMFuturama - Where the Buggalo Roam: Amy's disapproving family tries to break up her relationship with Kif.
6:15 PMFuturama - A Pharaoh to Remember: Pharaoh Hamenthotep enslaves the crew and forces everybody to assist in constructing a pyramid.
6:50 PMFuturama - Godfellas: A space vacuum sucks Bender into a celestial realm where he makes devastating decisions.
7:25 PMSouth Park - Cartman Sucks: One of Cartman's practical jokes put Butters in a compromising position.
8:00 PMSouth Park - The Hobbit: Wendy ends up in the counselor's office after trying to fix one of her girlfriends up with Butters.
8:30 PMSouth Park - Fishsticks: The kids come up with the funniest joke of all time while helping Jimmy with his comedy routine.
9:00 PMHood Adjacent With James Davis - Hood Pass  : James journeys to the 'hood with his friend Stevie J to earn his 'hood pass; Trap Kitchen.
9:30 PMSouth Park - C... Magic: Illegal activity is occurring in the basement of City Wok.
10:00 PMSouth Park - Elementary School Musical: The boys embrace the latest fad.
10:30 PMSouth Park - Oh, Jeez: Gerald encounters the Troll Hunter.
11:00 PMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - Salma Hayek  : Actress Salma Hayek.
11:31 PMAt Midnight With Chris Hardwick - Wendy Liebman; Chuck Sklar; Doug Benson  : Wendy Liebman, Chuck Sklar and Doug Benson discuss regrettable tattoos and the day's internet news.
12:01 AMLocal Programming