26 June 2017

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11:40 PMTrainwreck: A promiscuous magazine writer starts to fall in love with the subject of her latest article.
1:45 AMRight at Your Door: Lovers must remain apart after dirty bombs explode in Los Angeles.
3:20 AMLove and a Bullet: A hit man falls for his next target.
4:50 AMCobra: A Los Angeles detective and his partner protect a model from a slasher and his neo-fascist army.
6:20 AMThe Soloist: A reporter befriends a homeless man who was once a music student at Juilliard.
8:20 AMThe 33: Rescue workers toil for 69 days to save 33 Chilean miners trapped underground by 2,000 feet of rock.
10:30 AMMaze Runner: The Scorch Trials: Thomas and his fellow teenage Gladers face the dangerous obstacles of the Scorch.
12:45 PMMorgan: Scientists at a secret facility find themselves in a lockdown with a violent bioengineered child.
2:20 PMIn a Valley of Violence: A drifter with nothing to lose aims his sights on the thugs who killed his dog.
4:05 PMMagnum Force: Inspector ``Dirty Harry'' Callahan links vigilante killings to the San Francisco Police Department.
6:10 PMDeepwater Horizon: Crew members fight for survival when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico.
8:00 PMOld School: Three friends try to relive their college years.
9:35 PMSisters: Siblings throw a party that spirals out of control at their childhood home.
11:35 PMNational Lampoon's Animal House: Bluto, Otter and the Deltas run wild at 1962 Faber College.