6 July 2015

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11:02 PMThe Bucket List: Two terminally ill men make a list of things they want to do before they die.
1:02 AMThe Proposal: A woman pretends to be engaged to her assistant to avoid deportation to Canada.
3:04 AM21 DAY FIX
3:34 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:04 AMCeleb Hair Styling Tips: The Instyler rotating hot iron is a hair straightening and curling tool unlike any other!
4:34 AMTummy Tuck: Miracle Nonsurgical Discovery Melts Away Belly Fat: Miracle belly fat melting discovery. 10 minute method done at home melts away tummy fat.
5:04 AMGuilt Free Frying By Philips: Fry, bake, roast and grill with little to no oil. Now you can eat healthier.
5:34 AMClean up this Summer with Shark Powered Lift Away. 3 Vacuums in one!: No Loss Suction Vacuum - Dusting brush, Pet Upholstery Tool, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Steam Mop.
6:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:30 AMLong Live YOU with the world's 1st Nutrition Extractor, NutriBullet RX: Nourish your body from the inside out with things found in nature not made in a lab. NutriBullet RX.
7:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:30 AMThe Balancing Act: Online learning; achieving a secure financial future; back to school supplies.
8:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: Donald Eugene Webb, one of FBI's ten most wanted criminals.
9:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: A father is found shot to death; a baby is kidnapped by two teenage girls.
10:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: A man's body is found in his car; a firefighter is suspected of killing his entire family.
11:00 AMFrasier - High Crane Drifter: A stressed Frasier resorts to physical force with a rude Cafe Nervosa patron.
11:30 AMFrasier - Chess Pains: Frasier is chagrined when his father handily and repeatedly beats him at chess.
12:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Something Blue: At the wedding, Barney discovers that Ted and Robin are hiding a secret.
12:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Wait for It: When he sees Robin with an Argentine lover, Ted decides he is ready to hit the town with Barney.
1:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - An Honest Mistake: Derek and Addison face off as they try to save a pregnant patient.
2:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - I Will Follow You Into the Dark: Derek decides to quit after learning that more of his patients have died than survived.
3:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - Stand by Me: Meredith tries to convince Derek to come back to work; Mark attempts a face transplant surgery.
4:00 PMDevious Maids - Awakenings  : After the shooting at Rosie and Spence's wedding, lives are changed forever.
5:00 PMDevious Maids - From Here to Eternity  : Marisol begins a new business venture; Blanca struggles with her new employer.
6:00 PMDevious Maids - The Awful Truth  : As Zoila and Javier prepare to get married, Genevieve insists that Zoila take her advice.
7:00 PMDevious Maids - Since You Went Away  : Rosie deals with having Ernesto back in her life; Genevieve makes a heartfelt offer to Zoila.
8:00 PMDevious Maids - The Talk of the Town  : Zoila discovers a secret from Genevieve's past; Rosie is torn between Ernesto and Spence.
9:00 PMDevious Maids - She Done Him Wrong  : Carmen unwillingly helps Adrian with his hobby; Marisol worries about her relationship with Jesse.
10:00 PMUnREAL - Fly  : Adam meets Mary's family when the show arranges their one-on-one date.
11:02 PMUnREAL - Fly  : Adam meets Mary's family when the show arranges their one-on-one date.
12:02 AMLocal Programming