5 May 2015

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11:36 PMFriends - The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: The friends cause havoc in the maternity ward as Rachel begins childbirth.
12:12 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - My Brother's Keeper: Will ``stuffs'' his plans to shine on the basketball court when he learns of a rival's parenthood.
12:48 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Geoffrey Cleans Up: Geoffrey is attracted to a female neighbor until he learns she is wealthy.
1:24 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Ping Pong: Ray challenges his father to a game of table tennis after learning that he purposely let him win.
2:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Pants on Fire: Robert jumps into the ``favorite son'' position after Marie learns about a wild party Ray held.
2:36 AMHow I Met Your Mother - Mary the Paralegal: Barney arranges a hot date for Ted when the gang goes to an awards banquet honoring Robin.
3:12 AMHow I Met Your Mother - Best Prom Ever: Lily crashes a prom with Barney and Robin to scout out a possible band for her wedding reception.
3:48 AMGeorge Lopez - Dance Fever: George humiliates himself by dancing at a party in front of his staff.
4:24 AMGeorge Lopez - She Drives Me Crazy: Despite his misgivings, George teaches Carmen to drive; Carmen and Jason break up.
4:57 AMGeorge Lopez - Bachelor Party: Accident-prone Amy is determined to win Randy back.
5:30 AMGeorge Lopez - Wrecking Ball: Frustrated about her breakup with Randy, Benny takes a golf club to the hood of her boss's car.
6:00 AMGeorge Lopez - What George Doesn't Noah: Noah goes to great lengths to help Carmen conceal her relationship with Zack from her parents.
6:30 AMGeorge Lopez - Now George Noahs Ex-Zack-ly What Happened: George and Angie discover Carmen's relationship with Zack and forbid her to see him.
7:00 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Bummer Vacation; Wigstuck: SpongeBob finds an old wig in the trash and wears it around town.
7:30 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Texas; Walking Small: Sandy Squirrel is homesick; Plankton tries to get SpongeBob to be mean.
8:00 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Hall Monitor; Jellyfish Jam: SpongeBob takes his turn as hall monitor; SpongeBob brings home a wild jellyfish.
8:30 AMPAW Patrol - Pups and the Lighthouse Boogie; Pups Save Ryder  : When a storm sends Mayor Goodway's rowboat drifting out to sea, the Patrol must come to the rescue.
9:00 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Make a Splash; Pups Fall Festival  : Ryder, Zuma, Skye and Rocky team up to save Cap'n Turbot's boat; the PAW Patrol must pick fruit.
9:30 AMWallykazam! - The Nice Ninjas  : Wally and Norville's skills are put to the test after they conjure a naughty noodle.
10:00 AMTeam Umizoomi - Favorite Things Show: The team helps Emily find shells for ``Favorite Things Day.''
10:30 AMTeam Umizoomi - Shooting Star: Shooting Star wants to be a big horse.
11:00 AMBubble Guppies - Bubble-Cadabra!: The Guppies stand in for a magician and attempt to make an elephant disappear.
11:30 AMBubble Guppies - Super Guppies!: When Molly and Gil bring a comic book to school, all of the Guppies want to be superheroes.
12:00 PMTeam Umizoomi - Gizmos Gone Wild!: A group of gizmo robots malfunction and wreak havoc at the Umi City Mall.
12:30 PMPAW Patrol - Pups' Adventures in Babysitting; Pups Save the Fireworks  : Mayor Goodway asks the PAW Patrol to rescue her twin niece and nephew from a tree.
1:00 PMPAW Patrol - Pups Save the Camping Trip; Pups and the Trouble With Turtles  : Skye and Rocky go on a camping trip; Ryder and the pups must return baby turtles to their pond.
1:30 PMBlaze and the Monster Machines - Runaway Rocket  : Crusher accidentally strands himself and Pickle on a giant rocket.
2:00 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - Good Neighbors; Skill Crane: Squidward's day off.
2:30 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - Wormy; Patty Hype: Sandy puts SpongeBob and Patrick in charge of her pet caterpillar.
3:00 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - Grandma's Kisses; Squidville: Grammaw kisses SpongeBob in public; Squidward decides to move away from Bikini Bottom.
3:30 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - House Fancy; Krabby Road: Squidward is outraged when he sees Squilliam on a TV show.
4:00 PMThe Fairly OddParents - Mission: Responsible; Hairicane: Timmy wishes for indestructible hair.
4:30 PMThe Fairly OddParents - Manic Mom-Day; Crocker of Gold: Wanda switches Timmy's brain with his mother's brain; Crocker decides to start hunting leprechauns.
5:00 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - The Sad Tail of Gary-Chip-Tiny-Elvis-Squishy-Paws  : When the dog stops a theft at Get Sporty, the quads argue publicly about his name.
5:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - The Secret  : Dawn decides that she and her brothers must all share a secret to repair the circle of trust.
6:00 PMMake It Pop - Failed Dreams  : The girls plan to audition for the school musical as a trio; Caleb tries to earn forgiveness.
6:30 PMSo Little Time - The Breakfast Club  : Chloe wants to spend time alone with Travis.
7:00 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - Pre-Hibernation Week; Life of Crime: SpongeBob and Pat borrow a balloon from a store and accidentally pop it.
7:30 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - Big Pink Loser; Bubble Buddy: Pat tries to be like SpongeBob; SpongeBob talks to a bubble, making people think he is crazy.
8:00 PMFull House - Under the Influence: When Kimmy gets drunk at a fraternity party, D.J. must decide how to help her.
8:30 PMFull House - D.J.'s Choice: D.J. must choose between two boys who want to date her; Michelle crusades to clean up a playground.
9:00 PMFull House - The Producer: When Danny quits his show after Rebecca is named producer, Jesse and Michelle try to reunite them.
9:30 PMFull House - Dateless in San Francisco: Michelle pairs with friend Teddy for Valentine's Day; Rebecca thinks her marriage lacks romance.
10:00 PMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - My Brother's Keeper: Will ``stuffs'' his plans to shine on the basketball court when he learns of a rival's parenthood.
10:30 PMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Geoffrey Cleans Up: Geoffrey is attracted to a female neighbor until he learns she is wealthy.
11:00 PMFriends - The One Where No One Proposes: Joey finds himself engaged to Rachel soon after she delivers her baby girl.
11:36 PMFriends - The One Where Emma Cries: Joey seeks forgiveness from Ross, while Rachel tries to quell Emma's incessant crying.
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