5 May 2016

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10:00 PMThe Killers: An insurance investigator finds a woman behind an ex-boxer's murder.
12:00 AMA Foreign Affair: An Iowa congresswoman rivals a bistro singer for an Army captain in postwar Berlin.
2:00 AMForeign Correspondent: A New York crime reporter exposes a Nazi spy ring fronted by a peace organization.
4:15 AMComrade X: Moscow porter makes U.S. newsman smuggle out daughter.
6:00 AMAt War With the Army: A suave Army sergeant needs a sad sack private to get him out of a romantic jam.
7:45 AMAbbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd: Two waiters stranded on Tortuga swap a love letter for a pirate's treasure map.
9:00 AMLost in a Harem: Two magicians and a prima donna help a desert prince gain his throne.
10:30 AMBlock-Heads: Stan and Ollie come home from World War I, which has been over for 20 years.
11:30 AMBig Parade of Comedy: Comedic excerpts.
1:00 PMA Night at the Opera: Groucho, Chico and Harpo go to Italy and bring opera and its patrons down to their level.
2:45 PMBlotto: Stan must lie to his wife to go out with Ollie.
3:15 PMThe Devil's Brother: Noble bandit Fra Diavolo has a secret identity, and Stan and Ollie as sidekicks.
5:00 PMAbbott and Costello in Hollywood: Two would-be talent agents try to get their singer client in a musical.
6:30 PMAt the Circus: A sly lawyer and a pair of carnies shoot a society matron out of a cannon and try to save a circus.
8:00 PMThe Fast and the Furious: Framed man takes woman's Jaguar, with her in it.
9:30 PMThe Beast With a Million Eyes: An alien lands by spaceship and makes birds, cows and other animals attack a ranch family.
11:00 PMA Bucket of Blood: Beatniks like an espresso-house busboy's sculptures, corpses coated with clay.
12:15 AMLocal Programming