25 May 2016

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11:30 PMI Married a Witch: A Salem witch enchants a candidate for governor about to marry.
1:00 AMA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court: A bump on the head sends a handy Yankee to medieval Camelot. Based on the Mark Twain book.
3:00 AMThe Man Who Could Work Miracles: The gods give a British clerk the power to change everything but human thought.
4:30 AMThe Horn Blows at Midnight: A trumpet player dreams he is an archangel sent to end the world with a blast.
6:00 AMThe Strawberry Blonde: An ex-convict dentist recalls his wife and another man's wife, in circa-1900 New York.
7:45 AMNora Prentiss: A nightclub singer inspires a doctor to fake his own murder, for which he stands trial.
9:45 AMA Woman's Secret: A piano player tells a detective about two singers, one supposedly shot by the other.
11:15 AMThe Outriders: An escaped Confederate and his two partners lead a wagon train of Union gold into an ambush.
1:00 PMGun Glory: An ex-gunslinger shunned by townsfolk is the only one who knows how to stop a ruthless cattleman.
2:30 PMKing Solomon's Mines: Britons hire Allan Quatermain as African guide.
4:15 PMThat Forsyte Woman: Scandal follows when a Forsyte's wife loves her niece's fiance in Victorian England.
6:15 PMI Thank a Fool: A doctor convicted of mercy killing is later hired by the prosecutor to nurse his unstable wife.
8:00 PMWill Success Spoil Rock Hunter?: A sexpot's lipstick promo advances a TV adman.
9:45 PMThe Girl Can't Help It: An agent turns the girlfriend of a former gangster into a rock 'n' roll star.
11:30 PMIllegal: Ex-DA becomes racketeer's lawyer and exposes him.