20 February 2017

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11:00 PMFast N' Loud - The Vomit Comet  : Richard tasks the Monkeys with working on a vomit green '74 Mercury Comet.
12:00 AMDiesel Brothers - Truck Norris  : Transforming a vintage fire truck into a tow truck; Chuck Norris stops by to seek a truck.
1:00 AMFast N' Loud - 100 Monkeys  : Richard and Aaron host a star-studded party to celebrate the past, present, and future.
2:00 AMFast N' Loud - Model A Madness  : Richard and Aaron find a rust-free 1931 Model A; recouping renovation costs with quick flips.
3:00 AMFlipped: A Mobster Tells All - Michael (Mikey Flattop) DeRosa: Mikey's meteoric rise within New York's most ruthless mafia family comes crashing down.
4:00 AMFlipped: A Mobster Tells All - Kenny (Kenji) Gallo: Kenny Gallo helps to bring down some of the heaviest hitters in the Colombo crime family.
5:00 AMKilling Fields - A Body in the Bayou  : A woman's body was dumped in a bayou and left to decompose for three months.
6:00 AMKilling Fields - Buried Secrets  : Detectives need more insight on their victim, and experts comb for evidence.
7:00 AMKilling Fields - The Last Witness  : The detectives find the last people who may have seen Eugenie alive.
8:00 AMKilling Fields - The Manhunt  : Cutting edge DNA technology may be the key to seeing the face of Eugenie's killer.
9:00 AMKilling Fields - Family Matters  : Aubrey sits down with a convicted felon; Rodie tries to rekindle his relationship with his son.
10:00 AMKilling Fields - Judgment Day  : Detectives narrow their focus to a few possible leads in the homicide investigation.
11:00 AMKilling Fields - The Hunt Continues  : Detectives scour the evidence for clues of a motive in the homicide case of Eugenie Boisfontaine.
12:00 PMKilling Fields - The Body in the Barrel  : Rodie prepares to investigate a missing young black man, Curtis Cochise Smith.
1:00 PMKilling Fields - Smoking Gun  : Detectives continue searching for physical evidence related to the John Doe in the barrel.
2:00 PMKilling Fields - The Search Warrant  : With no body and only a confession, the detectives continue to search for physical evidence.
3:00 PMKilling Fields - The Raid 
4:00 PMKilling Fields - Scene of the Crime  : George Barrett gets killed in his home, and Rodie suspects George's employer, Tommy Francise.
5:00 PMKilling Fields - The Takedown  : The team feels confident as they prepare and present their case to the DA's office.
6:00 PMMoonshiners - Big Wheels Keep On Turning  : Mark and Digger bring in a moonshine legend; Josh and Chuck turn to an old power source.
7:00 PMMoonshiners: Outlaw Cuts - The Green Devil  : Jeff and Lance attempt to salvage their absinthe recipe; Mark puts his new partner to the test.
8:00 PMMoonshiners: Outlaw Cuts - Thunder Pumpkins  : An ingredient has Josh and Chuck ready to quit the business; Mark and Digger band together with JB.
9:00 PMMoonshiners - Two Pot Bang Bang  : Josh and Chuck finish winterizing their site; Mark and Digger bring their two-pot still back.
10:00 PMKilling Fields - The Last Stand  : In custody, Tommy Francise receives a charge of two counts of second-degree murder.
11:01 PMKilling Fields - The Last Stand  : In custody, Tommy Francise receives a charge of two counts of second-degree murder.