27 April 2017

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10:45 PMAmerica, America: A young Greek escapes persecution in circa-1900 Turkey to come to America.
1:45 AMIn the Heat of the Night: A black Philadelphia detective helps a white Mississippi sheriff solve a murder.
3:45 AMWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?: A professor and his wife carry on in front of guests.
6:15 AMTorrent: Deserted by a nobleman, a Spanish peasant perseveres to become a prima donna. Silent.
8:00 AMYounger Generation: A Jewish vendor's son achieves financial success but is ashamed of his family's humble background.
9:30 AMThe Maltese Falcon: Private eye Sam Spade encounters sundry characters, all seeking a coveted statuette.
11:00 AMTransgression: An Englishman's wife flirts with a Spaniard in Paris, followed by blackmail.
12:15 PMFlesh: A simple German wrestler comes to America with his bride, pregnant by another man.
2:00 PMThe House on 56th Street: A woman loves a rich man, spends 20 years in prison, then teams up with a Roaring '20s card shark.
3:15 PMMidnight Mary: A woman recalls a gangster and a lawyer in her life while on trial for murder.
4:45 PMThe Phantom of Crestwood: A police detective grills five men about a shady woman found slain.
6:15 PMHat, Coat and Glove: An artist on trial for murder has his lover's husband for a lawyer.
7:30 PMMGM Parade: Walter Pidgeon; part two of ``Captains Courageous''; Robby the Robot from ``Forbidden Planet.''
8:00 PMThe Opposite Sex: Catty Park Avenue women teach a friend how to win her husband back from a sexpot.
10:15 PMOur Miss Brooks: She teaches English, flusters the principal and flirts with a colleague.
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