21 July 2017

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10:30 PMThe Prisoner of Zenda: Court followers foil a plot by having a British look-alike pose as the king of Ruritania.
12:30 AMKismet: Fate follows a beggar king, his daughter, a dancer, and the caliph and grand vizier of Baghdad.
2:30 AMLucky Partners: Greenwich Village artist goes to Niagara Falls with his sweepstakes partner, another man's fiancee.
4:30 AMMy Life With Caroline: A too-busy publisher finds time to disrupt his fickle wife's latest affair.
6:00 AMLittle Women: With her husband away at war, a woman raises four daughters in 19th-century New England.
8:00 AMLittle Men: A family of brothers experiences the joy and pain of growing up. From the Louisa May Alcott story.
9:30 AMYours, Mine and Ours: A widow with eight children meets, courts and weds a widowed Navy officer with a brood of 10.
11:30 AMSeven Brides for Seven Brothers: When an Oregon trapper decides to marry, his six rowdy brothers aim to follow suit.
1:30 PMPlease Don't Eat the Daisies: A New York drama critic moves his wife and four boys to an old mansion in the country.
3:30 PMThe Courtship of Eddie's Father: A widower's 6-year-old son tries to find him the right kind of wife.
5:45 PMCaptains Courageous: Portuguese fishermen pick up a rich man's son who has fallen overboard.
8:00 PMRear Window: A photographer in a wheelchair spies on neighbors and sees a murder.
10:15 PMThe Trouble With Harry: Rural Vermonters try to bury a corpse, more than once.
12:15 AMLocal Programming