29 August 2016

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11:00 PMRizzoli & Isles - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Jane and Maura work to solve two murders that have deep personal connections for Korsak.
12:00 AMLaw & Order - Darwinian: A driver strikes a homeless man, then returns home with the victim still lodged in her windshield.
1:00 AMLaw & Order - Payback: Detectives investigate the murder of a mob informant who sent a kingpin to jail.
2:00 AMLaw & Order - Married With Children: A motivational speaker is pushed off a hotel balcony, then her daughter is abducted.
3:00 AMLaw & Order - City Hall: A gunman storms City Hall, killing a councilman and a water inspector.
4:00 AMLaw & Order - Whiplash: The detectives probe a series of staged car-crashes to find out who has been orchestrating them.
5:00 AMGrimm - Wesenrein: The Wesenrein act on their threats against Rosalee and Monroe; Hank and Nick try to help Wu.
6:00 AMCharmed - Repo Manor: Phoebe realizes that she must move on with her life and signs a lease for a new apartment.
7:00 AMCharmed - 12 Angry Zen: A monk teaches Billie how to use her power of projection to find her sister.
8:00 AMCharmed - The Last Temptation of Christy: Henry gets too involved in her magical world, and Paige learns the difficulties of dating a mortal.
9:00 AMSupernatural - What's Up, Tiger Mommy?: Sam and Dean discover that Crowley has surrounded Kevin's mother with demons.
10:00 AMSupernatural - Heartache: Sam and Dean investigate murders where the victims all received organs from the same donor.
11:00 AMSupernatural - Bitten: As Dean and Sam investigate a murder, they discover two dead bodies and disturbing video footage.
12:00 PMSupernatural - Blood Brother: After Benny is brutally attacked by vampires, he calls Dean for help.
1:00 PMBones - A Night at the Bones Museum: Brennan and Booth investigate what appear to be charred human remains on an electrical fence.
2:00 PMBones - The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken: The Jeffersonian team investigates when the mutilated remains of a chicken farmer are found.
3:00 PMBones - The Dwarf in the Dirt: Booth must be recertified for FBI marksmanship; the death of a little person.
4:00 PMCastle - He's Dead, She's Dead: Beckett and Castle debate the existence of extrasensory abilities during a murder investigation.
5:00 PMCastle - Under the Gun: Beckett must steer a case back to the violent felons who populated their victim's world.
6:00 PMCastle - Punked: A man shot with a 200-year-old bullet inspires theories by Castle about a time-traveling murderer.
7:00 PMCastle - Anatomy of a Murder: An unknown woman falls out of a casket along with the original deceased.
8:00 PMCastle - 3XK: Evidence in a murder case indicates a notorious serial killer known as ``The Triple Killer.''
9:00 PMCastle - Almost Famous: Beckett and Castle discover a murder victim is a male stripper dressed as a cop.
10:00 PMCastle - Murder Most Fowl: While investigating a murder in Central Park, Castle and Beckett uncover a boy's abduction.
11:00 PMCastle - Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind: When a prominent astrophysicist is found dead in her car, Castle theorizes an alien abduction.
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