21 September 2014

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11:00 PMChopped - All Stars Grand Finale: Beef heart in the appetizer basket; fish and greens in the entree; panforte and pancetta.
12:00 AMChopped - All Stars: Food Network Star Contestants: Razor clams in the appetizer; meat-and-potatoes entree; white apricots and bacon bits.
1:00 AMChopped - All Stars: Judge Remix: Goat brains in the appetizer; Berkshire pork and preserved duck eggs.
2:00 AMChopped - All Stars Grand Finale: Beef heart in the appetizer basket; fish and greens in the entree; panforte and pancetta.
3:00 AMChopped - All Stars: Prime Time vs. Day Time: Chicken feet in the first basket; difficult protein in entree; giant surprise in the dessert basket.
4:00 AMBrazil Butt Lift: Dance and sculpt your way to the perfect butt in just 60 days. Yes you can!
4:30 AMRocket May Be Light & Compact, But It's Not Just for Quick Clean-ups!: Better Carpet Cleaning; vacuum 1/3 the cost of the competition, lighter weight, enhanced swivel.
5:00 AMAirbrushed Beauty: Airbrushed makeup made easy!
5:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMBelly Too Big?: Use your favorite foods to lose weight and make over your metabolism!
6:30 AMNEW! bareMinerals 8-pc kit TV-only price!
7:00 AMGiada at Home - Chicken Three Ways: Garlic-roasted chicken and root vegetables; risotto with bacon and kale; curried chicken.
7:30 AMBarefoot Contessa - Restaurant Rules: Restaurant inspired dishes to cook at home; Grank Pellegrino; best kitchens in America.
8:00 AMRachael Ray's Week in a Day - A Chicken In Every Pot  : Chicken tetrazzini casserole with cauliflower; tequila orange BBQ chicken burritos; mulligatawny.
9:00 AMThe Pioneer Woman - Frontier Family  : Malted milk chocolate chip cookies; pot roast; blackberry cobbler.
9:30 AMTrisha's Southern Kitchen - Brunch With Aunt T  : Blueberry pancakes; Garth's breakfast bowl; apple dumplings.
10:00 AMBarefoot Contessa - Cocktails for a Crowd: Bacon, frittata squares; roasted shrimp with green goddess dressing; champagne cocktails.
10:30 AMGiada at Home - Cooking With Raffy and Buzz: Giada and her Aunt Raffy prepare recipes including escarole pie, pizza rustica and pizza with Buzz.
11:00 AMBobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction - Tropical Barbeque  : Jerk rack of pork; radicchio-green mango slaw; hasselbeck sweet potatoes; dark and stormy cocktail.
11:30 AMGuy's Big Bite - Funky Fungo Town: Puerto Rican pork shoulder; Guy's Mofongo with sopa de pollo; kale salad with mango vinaigrette.
12:00 PMThe Pioneer Woman - Fill the Freezer  : Sour cream noodle bake; chicken pot pies; carrot soup.
12:30 PMFarmhouse Rules - Camp GiGi  : Crab and shrimp boil with new potatoes; banana pudding with homemade vanilla wafers.
1:00 PMThe Kitchen - Fresh Fall  : Pumpkin spiced lattes; prosciutto-wrapped halibut; short rib and spinach-stuffed raviolis.
2:00 PMTrisha's Southern Kitchen - Barbecue With a Master  : Brisket recipes; unfried pickles with ranch dressing; green beans; blackberry cobbler.
2:30 PMTrisha's Southern Kitchen - Z-Girls  : A Latin-themed feast features salsa, a chicken tortilla casserole, and frozen ``sangaritas.''
3:00 PMTrisha's Southern Kitchen - Football, Friends and Comfort Food  : Sausage hors d'oeuvres; cheese dip with corn chips; chili with sour cream corn bread.
3:30 PMTrisha's Southern Kitchen - Daddy's Famous Stew  : The famous Brunswick stew recipe; drop biscuits; sweet and saltines.
4:00 PMTrisha's Southern Kitchen - Trisha's College Roommate Reunion  : Daddy's biscuits with chocolate gravy; baby lima beans; chicken pie; magic lemon meringue pie.
4:30 PMTrisha's Southern Kitchen - Special Occasion Dinner  : Baked ham with a brown sugar glaze; strawberry salad; asparagus bundles; almond skillet desert.
5:00 PMTrisha's Southern Kitchen - Girlfriends  : Trisha's girlfriends visit; mac and cheese, fried chicken with gravy, and pecan pie.
5:30 PMTrisha's Southern Kitchen - Guy Food  : ``Manly'' food including pulled pork sandwiches, baked bean casserole and sweet potato salad.
6:00 PMThe Great Food Truck Race - St. Louis Upsell: A truck stop challenge nets the ultimate prize, the winning team will see their week's till doubled.
7:00 PMRachael vs. Guy Kids Cook-Off - Plenty of Fish in the Sea  : The chefs work as a team to unscramble a jumbled recipe and then each chef must execute their dish.
8:00 PMRachael vs. Guy Kids Cook-Off - Food Fest Showdown  : The contestants host a Food Festival where they perform a live demo of their signature dish.
9:00 PMThe Great Food Truck Race - Shrimpin' Ain't Easy: The three remaining teams roll into Mobile, Ala; the teams must add a brunch dish to their menu.
10:00 PMCutthroat Kitchen - Crabs of Steel  : A chef is forced to work on a traditional Japanese tea table; crab cakes made with a toy crab claw.
11:00 PMCutthroat Kitchen - Breakfast in Bed  : One chef must use alcohol as the only means of heat; preparing a breakfast burrito in bed.
12:00 AMLocal Programming