27 July 2016

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11:30 PMFamily Guy - Internal Affairs: Peter encourages Joe to have a one-night stand to get even with Bonnie.
12:00 AMRobot Chicken - Cake Pillow: The circle of life sends the Wonder Pets through a loop; Teenage Archie Andrews picks a girlfriend.
12:15 AMRobot Chicken - Zero Vegetables: The writers wonder who walked King Kong; Michael Bay reveals the secrets to ``Transformers Five.''
12:30 AMSquidbillies - Mephistopheles: Rusty's soul becomes a pawn in the game between good and evil.
12:45 AMSquidbillies - Earth Worst: The squids are given a lesson about conservation.
1:00 AMAqua Teen Hunger Force - Balloonenstein: Meatwad gets new electric powers.
1:15 AMAqua Teen Hunger Force - Space Conflict From Beyond Pluto: Frylock makes contact with aliens; Carl's house is destroyed when Meatwad tries to mow the lawn.
1:30 AMAmerican Dad - The Boring Identity: When Stan gets amnesia, Francine tries to turn him into her ideal husband.
2:00 AMAmerican Dad - The Full Cognitive Redaction of Avery Bullock by the Coward Stan Smith: Steve is told that Deputy Director Bullock is showing signs of dementia and needs his memory erased.
2:30 AMFamily Guy - Viewer Mail 2: Brian and Stewie respond to mail from the viewers; a British version of the Griffins.
3:00 AMFamily Guy - Internal Affairs: Peter encourages Joe to have a one-night stand to get even with Bonnie.
3:30 AMRobot Chicken - Cake Pillow: The circle of life sends the Wonder Pets through a loop; Teenage Archie Andrews picks a girlfriend.
3:45 AMRobot Chicken - Zero Vegetables: The writers wonder who walked King Kong; Michael Bay reveals the secrets to ``Transformers Five.''
4:00 AMDaytime Fighting League - Wax Off 
4:30 AMBob's Burgers - Dawn of the Peck: Linda and the kids spend the day at the First Annual Fischoeder Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival.
5:00 AMThe Cleveland Show - Cleveland's Angels: Kendra discovers that Cleveland was cheated out of the money in Roberta's college fund.
5:30 AMKing of the Hill - Hank's Back: Hank tries yoga when none of his doctors can cure his back injury.
6:00 AMUncle Grandpa - Shower Party  : While Uncle Grandpa is in the shower, Andrew W.K. helps Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus throw a party.
6:15 AMUncle Grandpa - Mystery Noise  : During Sleepover Dream Night, the gang just wants to sleep but a strange noise prevents it.
6:30 AMRegular Show - Skips vs. Technology: Skips wants to help Mordecai and Rigby with the compter, but he has no skills.
6:45 AMRegular Show - Butt Dial: Mordecai accidentally leaves an embarrassing message on Margaret's phone.
7:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - 40 Percent, 40 Percent, 20 Percent  : Robin reads the Titans fairytales in order to teach them valuable life lessons.
7:15 AMTeen Titans Go! - Boys vs. Girls  : The Titans try to determine which gender is superior.
7:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Wally T 
7:45 AMTeen Titans Go! - Body Adventure  : When Cyborg becomes ill, Robin insists on shrinking himself to fight the infection on his own.
8:00 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Uploads  : After trying to give up the Internet, Gumball and Darwin end up falling down the Elmore Stream-hole.
8:15 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Misunderstanding  : Gumball and Penny have a disagreement.
8:30 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The End; The DVD  : The end of the world; Avoiding DVD late fees.
9:00 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Signature  : When Richard learns of Granny Jojo's plans to marry, he sets out to adopt Louie.
9:15 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Girlfriend  : When Jamie decides she needs to have a sweetheart, she targets Darwin as the best candidate.
9:30 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Coach; The Joy  : Elmore High's new coach stands up to Jamie; Miss Simian must save herself.
10:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - The Fourth Wall 
10:15 AMTeen Titans Go! - Waffles  : The Titans get annoyed when Cyborg and Beast Boy will only say, ``Waffles.''
10:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - The Teen Titans Go Classic Easter Holiday Special 
10:45 AMTeen Titans Go! - Opposites  : Cyborg has a crush on Jinx.
11:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - The Mask; Slumber Party  : Robin's mask hides both his secret identity and a horrible secret; the Titans have a slumber party.
11:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Driver's Ed; Dog Hand  : Robin enrolls in a driver's ed course after his license is revoked; Raven's demon father visits.
12:00 PMSteven Universe: The story of Steven, the youngest member of a team of magical Guardians of the Universe.
1:00 PMThe Powerpuff Girls - Man Up 2: Still Man-ing  : The girls race through the Townsville Wastelands to find the stolen water.
1:15 PMThe Powerpuff Girls - Once Upon a Townsville  : The girls learn that the superhero way isn't always the right way.
1:30 PMThe Powerpuff Girls - Painbow  : A rainbow causes everyone to be unnaturally happy.
1:45 PMThe Powerpuff Girls - Horn, Sweet Horn  : Donny the Pony is transformed into a monster that threatens Townsville.
2:00 PMClarence - The Interrogation  : Mr. Reese discovers his precious car smeared with meatball sauce.
2:15 PMClarence - Fun Dungeon Face Off  : Jeff must overcome his germ phobias when Clarence and Sumo steal his french fries.
2:30 PMClarence - The Substitute  : A substitute teacher causes chaos, and Clarence must find Mrs. Baker to restore order.
2:45 PMClarence - Neighborhood Grill  : Clarence cannot stop himself from intruding on a teacher's date.
3:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Little Buddies; Missing  : Cyborg wants Pain Bot to become his robot sidekick; Killer Moth offers a reward for Silkie's return.
3:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Rocks and Water; Multiple Trick Pony  : Terra and Aqualad are now an item; Robin insists that he is a ``multiple trick pony.''
4:00 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Mothers; The Password  : The children test their mothers; Gumball and Darwin want to take the title of favorite child.
4:30 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Nest  : The Wattersons' search for clues leads them to a strange egg.
4:45 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Pest  : Gumball and Darwin try to teach Anais how to resolve the problem peacefully.
5:00 PMWe Bare Bears - Chloe and Ice Bear 
5:15 PMWe Bare Bears - Everyday Bears  : Ice fights with a Roomba; a mouse invades Panda's room; Grizz gets stuck in a tree.
5:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - The Croissant  : When a giant cocoon appears in the living room, no one can locate Beast Boy.
5:45 PMTeen Titans Go! - Money Grandma  : In order to be re-elected as team leader, Robin starts a smear campaign against the others.
6:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Black Friday 
6:15 PMTeen Titans Go! - Mouth Hole  : Robin wants to gain the power of whistling.
6:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Accept the Next Proposition You Hear  : Hoping to encourage the others to think for themselves, Robin stops giving orders.
6:45 PMTeen Titans Go! - Hot Garbage  : The Titans try to convince Beast Boy to clean his room, but they learn there is more to garbage.
7:00 PMSteven Universe - Alone at Sea 
7:15 PMSteven Universe - Monster Reunion 
7:30 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Upgrade  : Gumball and Darwin get a new operating system.
7:45 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Points  : In order to use Tobias' points in a video game, Gumball and Darwin must do his chores for him.
8:00 PMKing of the Hill - The Redneck on Rainey Street: Kahn becomes a beer-drinking, El Camino-driving, ATV-riding redneck.
8:30 PMBob's Burgers - Father of the Bob: At Bob's father's Christmas party, he and Bob rehash an old argument.
9:00 PMBob's Burgers - Tina Tailor Soldier Spy: Tina goes under cover in her old Thundergirls troop to find who is giving away cookie secrets.
9:30 PMThe Cleveland Show - You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown: Cleveland discovers that parents plan to remarry and he will not be the best man.
10:00 PMAmerican Dad - Lost in Space: Jeff must prove his love for Hayley to Emperor Zing in order to find his way home.
10:30 PMAmerican Dad - Da Flippity Flop: When Stan refuses to switch Klaus back into his original body, he steals Stan's body.
11:00 PMFamily Guy - Into Fat Air: In order to compete with ambitious friends, the Griffins decide to climb Mount Everest.
11:30 PMFamily Guy - Ratings Guy: When the Griffins are selected to have their TV-watching habits monitored, Peter starts scheming.
12:00 AMLocal Programming