20 January 2017

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11:30 PMSex With Sunny Megatron - Taboos 
12:00 AMHomeland - Fair Game: Carrie and Franny return to the United States; Dar and Saul debrief the president-elect.
1:00 AMThe Affair - 308  : Alison has a sobering realization, and ponders the unthinkable.
2:00 AMThe Nasty Show Volume II: Hosted by Brad Williams: Bobby Slayton, Corey Holcomb, Paula Bel, Mike Ward, Yamaneika and Ralphie May perform.
3:15 AMHoodlum: Mobsters vie to control gambling in 1930s Harlem.
5:30 AMSkateboarding's First Wave: The early days of the skateboarding subculture in Southern California.
6:00 AMHollywood Homicide: A veteran Los Angeles detective and his partner investigate the slaying of a rap group.
8:00 AMDarkness Falls: The spirit of a woman who was lynched more than 150 years earlier haunts a New England town.
9:30 AMThe Eye: A woman experiences frightening visions following a corneal transplant.
11:15 AMThe Preppie Connection: A drug-dealing student at a prep school travels to Colombia to smuggle cocaine back into America.
1:00 PMGood Kill: An Air Force drone pilot stationed in Las Vegas begins to question the ethics of his job.
2:45 PMMichael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall: The cultural significance and lasting impact of the artist's solo album, ``Off the Wall.''
4:30 PMLove the Coopers: Four generations of extended family gather for an annual Christmas Eve celebration.
6:30 PMThe Affair - 308  : Alison has a sobering realization, and ponders the unthinkable.
7:30 PMCinderella Man: Down-and-out boxer Jim Braddock makes a dramatic comeback.
10:00 PMBoxing: Adam Lopez, Ronald Ellis, Stephon Young and Kenneth Sims, Jr.