12 July 2014

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11:30 PMCome Back, Africa: A black South African leaves his farm and tries to make a living in Johannesburg.
1:30 AMCalcutta: Filmmaker Louis Malle examines overpopulation and poverty in the Indian metropolis.
3:30 AMSans Soleil: A female narrator reads letters she's received from a continent-hopping cinematographer.
5:30 AMGod Respects Us When We Work but Loves Us When We Dance: ``Love-In,'' Easter Sunday, 1967, in Los Angeles.
6:00 AMThe Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The death of a patriarch sends an Argentine family to Europe during World War I. Silent.
8:15 AMThe Spy in Black: A World War I German submarine commander meets two triple agents in the Orkney Islands.
9:45 AMHell Below: A World War I submarine captain handles a crisis caused by his second in command.
11:30 AMFlight Commander: Two World War I British pilots fight the Germans their way, not their commander's.
1:30 PMAce of Aces: A sculptor turns flying-corps ace in World War I France to show his fiancee he's not a coward.
3:00 PMLafayette Escadrille: An American loves a Paris streetwalker while flying for France in World War I.
4:45 PMWaterloo Bridge: A soldier falls for a woman in an air raid.
6:15 PMSuzy: Thinking a German spy has killed her new husband, a chorus girl flees to Paris and marries a pilot.
8:00 PMPaths of Glory: A World War I French colonel defends three soldiers picked to be shot for a general's blunder.
9:45 PMAll Quiet on the Western Front: A young German soldier faces the mechanized horrors of World War I.
12:15 AMLocal Programming