22 February 2017

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10:15 PMA Room With a View: An English miss tours 1907 Florence, Italy, with her cousin and meets a soulmate.
12:15 AMThe Ruling Class: Mad Earl of Gurney enters the House of Lords.
3:00 AMRunning on Empty: Two former '60s radicals live underground with their sons, one of whom wants to stop running.
5:00 AMSadie Thompson: A religious fanatic lusts for a wayward woman who loves a Marine sergeant in the South Seas. Silent.
6:45 AMSan Antonio: A Texas cattleman flirts with a saloon singer and shoots it out with rustlers at the Alamo.
8:45 AMSan Francisco: A Barbary Coast gambler loves his new saloon singer, then loses her in the 1906 earthquake panic.
10:45 AMThe Sandpiper: A free-spirited artist meets the administrator of the parochial school that her young son attends.
12:45 PMScrooge: An emotionally diminished Londoner meets cautionary spirits on Christmas Eve.
2:45 PMThe Sea Hawk: A British privateer raids Spanish ships with his queen's permission in 1585.
5:00 PMThe Sea Wolf: Jack London's Wolf Larsen brutalizes people trapped on his ship, the Ghost.
6:30 PMSecond Chorus: College trumpet players flirt with a girl who tries to get them into Artie Shaw's band.
8:00 PMSeven Brides for Seven Brothers: When an Oregon trapper decides to marry, his six rowdy brothers aim to follow suit.
10:00 PMThe Seven-Per-Cent Solution: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson help Sigmund Freud rescue an abducted patient.