27 August 2014

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9:45 PMThe Key: Tugboat captain inherits apartment and woman in wartime England.
12:00 AMArabesque: A U.S. professor at Oxford turns spy with the mistress of a plotting Arab oilman.
2:00 AMYesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Three vignettes set in Italy show women using sex to get what they want.
4:15 AMGhosts -- Italian Style: A crooked secret-admirer lets a married couple stay in his supposedly haunted palace.
6:00 AMThe Hunchback of Notre Dame: Bell ringer Quasimodo saves a Gypsy in medieval Paris.
8:00 AMThe Hitch-Hiker: Two men on a fishing trip give a lift to a trigger-happy killer.
9:30 AMCry in the Night: A policeman hunts down and slaps around a peeping Tom who has kidnapped the captain's daughter.
11:00 AMCow Country: A Texas cowboy saves indebted cattlemen from a crook in cahoots with a banker.
12:30 PMUp Periscope: Sub commander drops off, waits for Navy frogman on mission.
2:30 PMThe Last Voyage: Troubles aboard a captain's sinking liner include a man's wife trapped with her head above water.
4:15 PMBackfire: A World War II veteran and his nurse search for his buddy, a reformed hoodlum on the run.
6:00 PMWhite Heat: T-men hunt a trigger-happy gangster who listens only to his mother.
8:00 PMD.O.A.: A dying accountant has a few days left to find out who spiked his drink with poison and why.
9:30 PMAn Act of Murder: A lawyer defends a judge who drove his terminally ill wife off a cliff and then turned himself in.
11:15 PMSeven Days in May: An aide discovers his general's Pentagon plot and tells the president.