18 September 2014

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11:03 PMAmerican Pickers - Fast Eddie: Mike and Frank pick the back roads of Minnesota; Danielle is challenged to sell a cowboy boot.
12:01 AMAmerican Pickers - California Gold Mine: A vintage steam car leads the guys to an auto shop; a rustic Western town filled with stuff.
1:01 AMAmerican Pickers - Mountain Mayhem: A 135-year-old Colorado opera house packed with vintage Americana; a fellow picker's junkyard home.
2:01 AMAmerican Pickers - Mad as a Picker: Danielle and the guys kick it into overdrive when they land a high-profile pick for Dollywood.
3:04 AMAmerican Pickers - Fast Eddie: Mike and Frank pick the back roads of Minnesota; Danielle is challenged to sell a cowboy boot.
4:02 AMShark Steam and Spray, the Recognized World Leader in Steam Cleaning!: Cleans wood and all hard floors. Disposable pads sanitize floors with no chemical residue.
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AMPowerful & Affordable Floor-Care Solutions for Life's Daily Mishaps: Shark Rotator Lift Away - The Next Generation of Shark, No Loss of Suction, Vacuums.
5:30 AMFree NutriBullet! Discover the secret to a longer, healthier life!: Buy 1, get 1 Free! Learn how the NutriBullet can help you feel better than you have in years!
6:00 AMNever Fear Power Outages: Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with Generac - the most trusted name.
6:30 AMRocket May Be Light & Compact, But It's Not Just for Quick Clean-ups!: Better Carpet Cleaning; vacuum 1/3 the cost of the competition, lighter weight, enhanced swivel.
7:00 AMModern Marvels - World's Strongest: The Foss Maritime tugboat; Spectra rope; diamond; polycarbonate plastic.
8:00 AM101 Inventions That Changed the World: Human ingenuity advances the species through wondrous new inventions.
10:00 AMPawn Stars - Bumpy Ride: The guys get a chance to acquire a Grammy; rare Coca Cola cooler from the 1930s; rickshaw.
10:30 AMPawn Stars - Boom or Bust: Rick wants to test fire an 18th-century cannon that could be worth $40,000.
11:00 AMPawn Stars - Wheels: Rare 1970s Indian mini-motorcycle; ship's bell; roulette wheel.
11:30 AMPawn Stars - Trail Breaker: A 1967 Rokon Trailbreaker; a rare 1715 Escudo Spanish gold coin.
12:00 PMPawn Stars - Ready, Set, Pawn: Competition dragster racecar; Japanese land mine training kit; 1957 Dr. Pepper vending machine.
12:30 PMPawn Stars - Chumdog Millionaire: The Pawn Stars encounter a DeLorean; letters from President Franklin D. Roosevelt; game show.
1:00 PMPawn Stars - Robosaurus: the 31-ton Robosaurus; a cast iron Uncle Sam coin bank from 1886; a computer meltdown at the shop.
1:30 PMPawn Stars - Teacher's Pet: World War II bombsight; stock ticker from the 1930s; Chumlee teaches Antwaun about pawning.
2:00 PMPawn Stars - Mile High Club: An L39 Albatros fighter jet; a bat and glove signed by Babe Ruth; antique glass target balls.
2:30 PMPawn Stars - Silence of the Lambo: A 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago; Saddam Hussein's fingerprints; a sterling silver Tiffany Walkman.
3:00 PMPawn Stars - Say It Ain't So: A book signed by ``Shoeless'' Joe Jackson; Savage Navy pistol; Moonman statue.
3:30 PMPawn Stars - Cash Cash Bang Bang: A first-issue Spider-Man comic book is brought into the shop; an antique 1860 Colt Army Pistol.
4:00 PMPawn Stars - Bear-ly There: An 1870 Volcanic pistol; World War II gas mask; a 1900s life-sized Steiff bear is brought in.
4:30 PMPawn Stars - Jet Setters: A Wesson over-and-under pistol; a 19th-century pocket watch; Boeing aviation memorabilia.
5:00 PMPawn Stars - Chum-p Change: A collection of paper money from the Republic of Texas; an old vs. new rifle-shooting competition.
5:30 PMPawn Stars - I Herd That: A Sharps buffalo rifle from the 1870s; aphorism signed by Mark Twain; Victorian-era pickle castors.
6:00 PMPawn Stars - Off the Hook: A collection of sketches from the 1954 Sam Sheppard trial; Chumlee calls in sick.
6:30 PMPawn Stars - Hello, Goodbye: Alternative artwork for ``Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band;'' Steve Carell wanders in.
7:00 PMPawn Stars - You Say You Wanna Revolution: The guys find an Annual Register from 1776; gambling tokens from Nevada State Prison.
7:30 PMPawn Stars - Rough and Tumble: Rick checks out some items signed by actor Dan Haggerty; Chumlee buys an old oscillator.
8:00 PMPawn Stars - Tricky Ricky: Signed jersey from quarterback Dan Fouts; magician Harry Blackstone's vanishing birdcage.
8:30 PMPawn Stars - Break on Through: Rick inspects a painted bedroom door from the childhood home of music icon Jim Morrison.
9:00 PMPawn Stars - Pinball Punch: Two classic pinball machines; carrier pigeon capsule from WWII; Rick decides to take up boxing.
9:31 PMPawn Stars - Dodging Dillinger: Bullet shells from John Dillinger's final robbery; Rick and Corey attempt to make a drive by deal.
10:03 PMPawn Stars - Sunday Funday: A ball signed by Walter Payton is brought into the shop; a program from the first Super Bowl.
10:33 PMPawn Stars - You're Out: Rick and Chumlee check out a 1969 Camaro Z28; a first edition baseball scorebook from 1878.
11:03 PMPawn Stars - That Sinking Feeling: A book signed by Charles Lindbergh; a medal commemorating the Lusitania; Dutch money scale.
11:32 PMPawn Stars - Face the Music: John Wesley Hardin's business card; Gibson mandolin; 1950s Shopsmith woodworking machine.
12:01 AMLocal Programming