29 July 2014

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11:32 PMStorage Wars - Like a Kung Pao Cowboy: The buyers return to Montebello, Calif.; Jarrod and Brandi seek merchandise for their new store.
12:01 AMStorage Wars - The Mom Factor: Jarrod and Brandi try to dunk the competition; Ivy turns his store into an auction house.
12:31 AMStorage Wars - Super Bros. Shuffle: The buyers go to Costa Mesa, Calif.; Calvin goes all in; Barry bets against himself and wins.
1:01 AMStorage Wars - This Lamp's for You: Jarrod and Brandi score a vintage lamp; Darrell sets a record for the most money spent on a unit.
1:31 AMStorage Wars - For a Good Time Call... Ivy: Jarrod and Brandi may have to close their Long Beach store if they can't score a major profit.
2:01 AMShipping Wars - To the Moon and Back  : Todd and Tamera take on a giant dog toy; Jenn hauls moon rocks from Houston to Phoenix.
2:32 AMShipping Wars - Problems Set in Stone  : Dusty transports a sculpture; Marc makes a rookie mistake when he moves an antique camper.
3:03 AMStorage Wars - The French Job: The bidders visit Laguna Niguel, Calif.; Jarrod and Brandi discover some toys; Barry obtains a safe.
3:33 AMStorage Wars - Like a Kung Pao Cowboy: The buyers return to Montebello, Calif.; Jarrod and Brandi seek merchandise for their new store.
4:02 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:30 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - You Can't Go Home Again: In Denver, Dog and Beth repeatedly collide with reminders of their early days.
5:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Irons in the Fire: Dog decides the crew should start using pepper-ball guns for better personal protection.
5:30 AM1 Minute Miracle Makeup: Makeup your entire face in 1 minute with Perfect Pigment by Christina Cosmetics.
6:00 AMRocket-Fueled and Ready to Clean Your Carpets!: Better Carpet Cleaning; vacuum 1/3 the cost of the competition, lighter weight, enhanced swivel.
6:30 AMLife Recharged: Copper-infused Energy Wear. Find rejuvenating relief and energy, live a more positive life.
7:00 AMParking Wars: Garfield and Sherry need police backup when a furious man tries to remove a boot.
7:30 AMParking Wars: A citizen speeds off with a boot attached in Philadelphia; a DJ gets the runaround at the lot.
8:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Dog and Beth search for a missing 15-year-old girl.
8:30 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Practice Makes Perfect: Duane Lee cuts a felon a little too much slack about checking in;.
9:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - The Tender Trap: Dog helps a fellow bondsman set a trap to catch a notorious lady's man in Colorado.
10:00 AMCriminal Minds - Damaged: The team steps in when Rossi decides to revisit the unsolved murder of two young parents.
11:00 AMCriminal Minds - A Higher Power: The team suspects that a spike of suicides may be the result of a serial killer.
12:00 PMCSI: Miami - Body Count: Horatio witnesses a prison break involving an inmate he put away months earlier.
1:00 PMCSI: Miami - Blood Brothers: A playboy becomes Horatio's prime suspect in the death of a model.
2:00 PMCriminal Minds - Elephant's Memory: The team investigates a small-town killing spree involving a teenage boy and his girlfriend.
3:00 PMCriminal Minds - In Heat: The team goes to Miami to catch a killer whose conflicted sexual identity fuels his crime spree.
4:00 PMThe First 48 - Out of Sight; Missing Piece: A college student is stabbed after a night out with friends; a boy is shot.
5:00 PMThe First 48 - One Heart: The detectives use unusual tactics.
6:00 PMStorage Wars - A Tale of Two Jackets: The bidders make their Hollywood premiere, with Dave assuming the role of storage villain.
6:30 PMStorage Wars - Straight Into Compton: Biddaz With Attitude: The buyers descend on Compton, Calif.; Darrell and Brandon can't get their rappers straight.
7:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Till Duck Do Us Part  : Uncle Si leads Phil and Kay on a walk down memory lane while a surprise wedding is being prepared.
8:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Hot Tub Grime Machine  : The guys try to find a hot tub for Godwin; Phil and Kay pass a recipe on to Sadie and John Luke.
8:30 PMDuck Dynasty - Of Mattresses and Men  : The guys pig out at a new doughnut shop; Si wins a camper and uses it as his personal office.
9:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Hands on a Woodchipper  : Willie battles Si to win a wood chipper; Jep gets overprotective when Lily goes on her first date.
9:30 PMDuck Dynasty - De-Bug Life  : An alligator moves into a duck blind; Si and Willie assist the children at the church car wash.
10:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Men vs. Wild  : A survival race through the woods; in hopes of finding a new hobby, Si joins Kay in coupon-cutting.
10:38 PMBig Smo - Big Smo and Darius Rucker  : Smo heads to Tennessee for the chance to work with award-winning country-music artist Darius Rucker.
11:08 PMBig Smo - We're Gonna Need a Bigger Bus  : Smo must find a replacement shuttle bus; Whitney turns to Smo's mother for cooking advice.
11:35 PMDuck Dynasty - Termite Be a Problem  : The workers are forced to relocate to Godwin's house when termites invade Duck Commander.
12:01 AMLocal Programming