30 June 2016

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10:30 PMRobin Hood: Men in Tights: Forest archer and pals thwart Sheriff of Rottingham.
1:00 AM13 Going on 30: An uncool girl magically becomes a successful adult.
3:00 AMJohn Tucker Must Die: Three young women band together for revenge after discovering they are all dating the same guy.
5:00 AM227 - Teach Me Tonight: Romantic sparks fly when Sandra meets a handsome math teacher (Michael Warren).
5:30 AM227 - Teach Me Tonight: Mitchell and Sandra realize their upcoming nuptials will require some sacrifices.
6:00 AM227 - See You in Court: Sandra and Mary settle a dispute over song royalties in court.
6:30 AM227 - The Honeymoon's Over: Lester and Mary are surprised when his cousin's marriage crumbles.
7:00 AMLogo Trailblazer Honors 2016: Honoring today's most prolific advocates and straight allies of LGBT equality.
8:45 AMMind/Game: The Unquiet Journey of Chamique Holdsclaw: Chamique Holdsclaw's battle against the stigma of mental illness.
10:00 AMAll in the Family - All's Fair: Mike and Gloria teach Edith how husbands and wives can ``fight fairly'' with each other.
10:30 AMAll in the Family - Amelia's Divorce: Edith's cousin Amelia's marriage is in trouble.
11:00 AMAll in the Family - Everybody Does It: Archie steals a box of nails from work in order to work on the house.
11:30 AMAll in the Family - Archie and the Quiz: Archie takes a magazine's life-expectancy test.
12:00 PMAll in the Family - Edith's Friend: Edith runs into her childhood sweetheart while in her hometown for a wedding.
12:32 PMAll in the Family - No Smoking: Mike and Archie make a bet to see who can do without his favorite indulgence for 48 hours.
1:04 PMAll in the Family - Mike Makes His Move: After he finally finishes school, Mike lands a permanent job.
1:36 PMRoseanne - Be My Baby: After Roseanne expresses interest in having another child, Jackie reveals her own pregnancy.
2:08 PMRoseanne - Halloween V: Dan wants to play a Halloween prank on Nancy; David and Darlene spook Roseanne.
2:40 PMRoseanne - Homeward Bound: A surprise visit from Darlene makes David realize how much he misses her.
3:14 PMRoseanne - Guilt by Imagination: Dan tries to conceal the fact he had lunch with an old flame.
3:48 PMRoseanne - Homecoming: Becky and Mark return to help celebrate a momentous anniversary for Dan.
4:21 PMRoseanne - Thanksgiving '93: A fight, a revealed secret and a fleeing grandmother mark Thanksgiving.
4:54 PMRoseanne - The Driver's Seat: Roseanne and Leon squabble over the Lunch Box diner; D.J. goes joy riding.
5:27 PMRoseanne - White Trash Christmas: The Conners annoy the neighborhood association by putting up tacky Christmas decorations.
6:00 PMAll in the Family - Archie, the Hero: Archie flaunts the fact he has saved the life of an unconscience woman in his cab.
6:30 PMAll in the Family - Mike's Pains: Mike must decide if he wants to be in the delivery room during the birth of the baby.
7:00 PMAll in the Family - Mike Faces Life: Mike is enraged when Gloria receives a pink slip in her paycheck because she is pregnant.
7:30 PMAll in the Family - Edith Breaks Out: Edith refuses to stop her volunteer work at the home for the aged despite Archie's orders.
8:00 PMAll in the Family - Grandpa Blues: Archie must stay calm for an entire weekend in order to pass a company physical.
8:30 PMAll in the Family - Gloria Suspects Mike: Gloria suspects the worst after Mike's job of tutoring a college student doubles.
9:00 PMAll in the Family - The Little Atheist: Archie and Mike lock horns over the soon-to-be-born baby Stivic's religion -- or lack of it.
9:30 PMAll in the Family - Archie's Civil Rights: When Archie is mugged, he ends up on trial for having an illegal weapon in his possession.
10:00 PMThree's Company - Jack Gets His: Jack rents a run-down restaurant.
10:30 PMThree's Company - Opening Night: Jack's new restaurant opens for business.
11:00 PMThree's Company - Cousin, Cuisine: Chaos results when Jack romances a Mexican girl.
11:30 PMThree's Company - An Affair to Forget: Jack's new date doesn't tell him she is married.
12:00 AMLocal Programming