29 April 2017

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10:10 PMBridge of Spies: Lawyer James Donovan tries to negotiate a prisoner exchange for captured pilot Francis Gary Powers.
12:35 AMThe Fifth Estate: WikiLeaks colleagues Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg provide support for whistle-blowers.
2:45 AMDisaster Movie: A group of impossibly attractive 20-somethings must dodge catastrophic events.
4:15 AMKill Kane: Ray stalks the streets in pursuit of revenge after mobsters kill his family.
5:35 AMAkeelah and the Bee: An 11-year-old girl in South Los Angeles discovers she has a talent for spelling.
7:30 AMCinderella Man: Down-and-out boxer Jim Braddock makes a dramatic comeback.
10:00 AMChicago: A lawyer handles the cases of two murderous women who are looking to gain celebrity.
12:00 PMDiary of a Mad Black Woman: A woman starts over after her husband leaves her. Based on a play by Tyler Perry.
2:00 PMMeet the Browns: A woman meets her late father's uproarious family for the first time.
3:45 PMSpy Kids: When a technical genius kidnaps retired spies, only their children can save them.
5:15 PMDudes & Dragons: When an evil wizard ravages the land with an army of dragons, it's up to two brothers to fight back.
7:10 PMThe Forbidden Kingdom: An American teen travels back in time to ancient China and joins the quest to free the Monkey King.
9:00 PMThe Day: Five survivors of the apocalypse battle raging cannibals.
10:30 PMThe Descent: Cave explorers encounter underground predators.
12:10 AMLocal Programming