23 June 2017

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11:10 PMMrs. Doubtfire: Estranged from his wife, an out-of-work actor masquerades as a nanny to be with his children.
2:05 AMAlice - Alice's Big Four-Oh!: On the eve of Alice's 40th birthday, her mother visits and convinces her that she's over the hill.
2:35 AMAlice - Mel's Cousin, Wendell: Mel's nerdy cousin Wendell comes to visit and turns to Mel for advice on how to woo Vera.
3:05 AMAlice - Vera and the Bouncing Check: Vera causes trouble for Mel when she cashes an old school friend's check at the diner.
3:35 AMAlice - After Mel's Gone: Mel's beneficiaries start squabbling over what they will get when he passes away.
4:04 AMAlice - The Wild One: Alice impresses the leader of a biker gang when she stands up to him for refusing to pay his check.
4:33 AMAlice - Alice Calls the Shots: At Mel and Earl's urging, Tommy sneaks out to play in a championship basketball game.
5:02 AMThree's Company - The Charming Stranger: Jack is convinced that his new neighbor is one of London's most-wanted criminals.
5:31 AMThree's Company - Janet Shapes Up: Janet's new boss uses her to get Jack.
6:00 AMThree's Company - Itching for Trouble: Jack's old flame asks him for marital advice.
6:30 AMThree's Company - Baby, It's Cold Inside: Jack and Furley are locked together in a freezer.
7:00 AMThree's Company - Look What I Found: The roommates try to get Furley to take a kitten.
7:30 AMThree's Company - Jack's Tattoo: Jack enters the hospital to have a tattoo removed.
8:00 AMMama's Family - I Do, I Don't: Iola, Bubba and Mama fantasize about marriage after attending a wedding.
8:30 AMMama's Family - Mama Gets the Bird: Uncle Oscar's talking parrot tells the family of a hidden treasure.
9:00 AMMama's Family - Mama's Girls: Mama leads a senior-citizens' tap-dancing troupe.
9:30 AMMama's Family - Mama on `Jeopardy!': Mama appears on the ``Jeopardy!'' game show and wins a trip to Hawaii.
10:00 AMMama's Family - Mama Goes Hawaiian: Surprises and romance await the Harpers in Hawaii.
10:30 AMMama's Family - Mama Goes Hawaiian: Mama, vacationing in Hawaii, plans to avoid the man she saved from drowning.
11:00 AMMama's Family - Bubba's Double Date: Mama comes to the rescue when Bubba's prom date cancels at the last minute.
11:30 AMMama's Family - Bed and Breakdown: Mama opens her house to boarders with hopes of raising money for a new stove.
12:00 PMAlice - Not With My Niece, You Don't: Tommy's dates with Mel's niece cause anxious moments for both Alice and Mel.
12:32 PMAlice - Vera, Queen of the Soaps: Vera becomes hooked on daytime soap operas and quits the diner to watch her favorite show.
1:04 PMAlice - Sharples vs. Sharples: Mel explodes when he learns that his mother is including his secret chili recipe in a cookbook.
1:36 PMAlice - The Valentine's Day Massacre: It's Valentine's Day and everyone in the diner is planning on spending the evening with their dates.
2:08 PMAlice - Best Little Waitress in the World: Full of self-confidence, Vera is left in charge of the diner for a few minutes.
2:40 PMAlice - Jolene Hunnicutt, Dynamite Trucker: Jolene offers to help her former trucking partner finish his haul.
3:12 PMAlice - Mel Wins by a Nose: Mel has to have surgery for a deviated septum and considers getting a nose job.
3:45 PMRoseanne - Satan, Darling: Roseanne and Jackie whoop it up with ghoulish glee at a glitzy Halloween party in New York.
4:17 PMRoseanne - Hoi Polloi Meets Hoiti Toiti: A wealthy family invites the Connors to visit their estate on Cape Cod.
4:49 PMRoseanne - Roseambo: Terrorists hold the Conners captive aboard a speeding train; guest Steven Seagal.
5:21 PMRoseanne - Home Is Where the Afghan Is: Familial tensions mar the Conners' first Thanksgiving as members of the nouveau riche.
5:53 PMRoseanne - Mothers and Other Strangers: Roseanne worries about changes she has made when Dan announces that he is coming home.
6:25 PMRoseanne - Home for the Holidays: Dan returns home to celebrate Christmas after visiting his mother in California.
6:57 PMRoseanne - Say It Ain't So: Jackie forces Dan to reveal the truth to Roseanne; D.J. wants to videotape Darlene giving birth.
7:29 PMRoseanne - Hit the Road, Jack: Roseanne assesses her marriage, as Dan prepares to return to California.
8:00 PMMama's Family - Naomi's Identity Crisis: When Naomi is stricken with amnesia, Mama hopes to turn her into the perfect housewife.
8:33 PMMama's Family - Pomp and Circumstance: Mama and Bubba almost miss high-school graduation.
9:06 PMMama's Family - Ladies' Choice: Iola and Mama run for the presidency of the ladies' church group.
9:39 PMMama's Family - Baby Talk: Mama sets out to discourage Naomi and Vint from having a baby.
10:12 PMMama's Family - Naomi's New Position: Naomi's boss wants to trade favors for a promotion.
10:45 PMMama's Family - The Really Loud Family: Bubba videotapes his family for a class project.
11:18 PMMama's Family - Many Unhappy Returns: Mama mistakenly believes that Vint bought her an expensive bracelet.
11:51 PMMama's Family - Found Money: Greed overtakes Mama when she gets $800 from a malfunctioning bank teller machine.
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