8 October 2015

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11:35 PMKing Kong: Members of a film crew encounter prehistoric beasts and a gigantic ape on mysterious Skull Island.
2:50 AMThe Submission of Emma Marx: A mysterious man introduces Emma to a world of erotic sex, role play and BDSM.
5:00 AMSIGN OFF: Sign off.
5:30 AMGeraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way: Trailblazing politician Geraldine Ferraro runs for vice president in 1984.
7:00 AMParadise: A 10-year-old boy spends a summer in the country with a childless couple and a precocious girl.
9:00 AMCrazy Kind of Love: A newly single mother relies on her sons to keep life interesting.
10:30 AMA Perfect Man: A cheating husband, unknowingly, falls back in love with his wife over the phone.
12:05 PMJamie Marks Is Dead: A lonely ghost draws a former classmate into the bleak realm between the living and the dead.
2:00 PMA Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III: A graphic designer goes off the rails after his longtime lover leaves him.
3:30 PMRuthless People: Salesman kidnaps wife of rich cheapskate.
5:05 PMShrink: A jaded, pot-smoking therapist tries to help a young movie buff.
7:00 PMThat Gal ... Who Was in That Thing: Actresses talk about the ups and downs of their profession.
8:20 PMReligulous: Comic Bill Maher plays devil's advocate with members of different faiths.
10:00 PMBabel: A tragic accident's scope links four groups of strangers on three continents in its grip.
12:30 AMLocal Programming