8 October 2015

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10:30 PMCitizen Kane: An enigmatic newspaper magnate rises and falls.
12:45 AMSomebody Up There Likes Me: New York street tough Rocky Graziano becomes middleweight boxing champion.
2:45 AMWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?: A professor and his wife carry on in front of guests.
5:00 AMAir Force: A B-17 Flying Fortress crew reaches Pearl Harbor too late, then continues on to the Philippines.
7:15 AMStreet Girl: A jazz quartet befriends a poor violinist, and she puts them in the money as their manager.
9:00 AMColleen: A millionaire's nephew saves him from a gold digger and falls for a woman in a dress shop.
10:45 AMHitting a New High: A Paris singer's press agent arranges her Manhattan debut by way of Africa.
12:15 PMThe Toast of New York: Jim Fisk and partner prompt Black Friday 1869.
2:15 PMAnnabel Takes a Tour: A dizzy actress meets a famous writer while on the road with her agent to promote her new movie.
3:30 PMFight for Your Lady: A wrestling trainer coaches a U.S. singer caught flirting with a swordsman's girlfriend in Hungary.
4:45 PMRadio City Revels: A songwriter can only make hits in his sleep. Features Milton Berle and Ann Miller.
6:30 PMSomething to Shout About: Press agent, composer and landlord revive vaudeville.
8:00 PMWanda: A coal miner's wife forsakes him and their family for misfortune with a nervous petty thief.
10:00 PMGirlfriends: A chubby photographer is on her own in Manhattan after her best friend moves out.
11:45 PMValley Girl: A California girl with a regional dialect falls totally for a punk rocker.