3 May 2016

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11:00 PMDrive Angry: A brutal felon escapes from hell to save his grandchild from bloodthirsty cultists.
1:00 AMGhost Town: The ghosts of devil-worshipping cowboys terrorize a busload of stranded students.
3:00 AMGhost Voyage: Seven strangers awake aboard a haunted cargo ship adrift at sea.
5:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:30 AMBuy gold, at-cost!
6:00 AMGhost Hunters - 200th Episode: Grant Is Back: The TAPS team returns to one of their favorite haunted locations: Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.
7:00 AMGhost Hunters - Phantoms of the Opera: The TAPS team investigates reports of paranormal activity at the Cincinnati Music Hall in Ohio.
8:00 AMGhost Hunters - Barrels of Boos: At the Wild Turkey Distillery, it is believed the spirits of the founding family members reside.
9:00 AMGhost Hunters - Too Many Apparitions in the Kitchen: TAPS investigates the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y.
10:00 AMGhost Hunters - Last Will and Evidence: A bride-to-be wants to determine if her dream wedding venue is safe.
11:00 AMGhost Hunters - Over My Dead Body: TAPS travels to St. Charles, Mo., to investigate hauntings on Main Street.
12:00 PMGhost Hunters - A Fright at the Opera: A demonic entity at the Burlingame & Chaffee Opera House in Carthage, Mo.
1:00 PMScarecrow: Stranded in the countryside, a monstrous scarecrow terrorizes a group of teens and their teacher.
3:00 PMChildren of the Corn: In rural Nebraska, a couple encounters a religious cult comprised of murderous children.
5:00 PMLegion: The archangel Michael battles agents of heaven and hell at a roadside diner.
7:00 PMResident Evil: Apocalypse: Survivors of a deadly virus battle zombies.
9:00 PMThe Cabin in the Woods: Bad things happen when five friends go to a remote woodland cabin.
11:00 PMDrag Me to Hell: A woman must find a way to shatter a curse that threatens her soul with damnation.