25 November 2015

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11:00 PMZane's Sex Chronicles Feature 8: Envy: A compilation of episodes from the adult series about a group of friends who enjoy erotic stories.
12:50 AMHard Target: Men hunt a merchant seaman for sport.
2:30 AMTimecop: A 2004 Washington policeman fights crime in 1994.
4:10 AMSudden Death: The vice president is held hostage at a hockey game.
6:00 AMBreach: A young FBI employee must prove that an esteemed agent is a mole.
7:55 AMThe Life of David Gale: A journalist investigates a murderer on death row.
10:10 AMThe Mexican: A bungling gangster must reform to please his girlfriend but still has one last job to fulfill.
12:15 PMTammy: After losing her job and discovering her mate's infidelity, a woman takes her grandmother on a trip.
1:55 PMBlack Sea: Greed and desperation take control as a submarine captain and his crew search for sunken treasure.
3:50 PMFinal Destination 3: Death stalks young survivors of a horrible roller-coaster accident.
5:25 PMWalk of Shame: An ill-advised tryst leaves a woman stranded in downtown L.A. just hours before a job interview.
7:00 PMThe Knick - Wonderful Surprises: Abby's worsening condition persuades Thackery to test out his novel syphilis treatment.
8:00 PMThe Knick - Whiplash: A subway explosion results in a influx of patients; Lucy takes advice from one of Ping Wu's girls.
9:00 PMThe Knick - There Are Rules: Bertie takes matters into his own hands; Thackery investigates the efficacy of hypnosis.
10:00 PMThe Marine: A soldier returns home from war and must rescue his kidnapped wife from murderous thugs.
11:35 PMInvisible Centerfolds: An invisibility formula helps a beautiful and sexy centerfold.