24 April 2014

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11:00 PMDual Survival - No End in Sight, Part 1: Stranded in Sri Lanka, Joe and Cody find themselves in a leech-infested jungle.
12:00 AMMarooned - Botswana  : Surviving in Botswana's Okavango Delta in Southern Africa.
1:00 AMDual Survival: Untamed - Chile  : The Atacama Desert in Chile.
2:00 AMDual Survival - Twin Peaks: Tempers flare over survival tactics as Joe and Cody struggle to escape the Nicaraguan jungle.
3:00 AMRev. Peter Popoff
3:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:02 AMTeleworld Paid Program
4:31 AMBrazil Butt Lift: Dance and sculpt your way to the perfect, butt in just 60 days. Yes you can!
5:00 AMReal Recovery: Copper-infused Energy Wear. Find rejuvenating relief and energy, live a more positive life.
5:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMShaun T's Focus T25
6:30 AMT25 Sexy Bodies!
7:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:30 AMLife Today With James Robison: James and Betty Robison host guests who speak on a variety of topics offering hope and help.
8:00 AMJoyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life: Joyce Meyer helps viewers live a life of purpose and passion.
8:30 AMNew Sheer Cover Studio mineral makeup: Sheer Cover Studio mineral makeup covers flaws beautifully, yet feels like wearing nothing at all.
9:00 AMI (Almost) Got Away With It - Got to Hide Out in Suburbia: A man loses his drug business to a fire and robs a bank to pay his debt to the supplier.
10:00 AMDisappeared - A Mother's Secret: A Colorado mother of three disappears; it comes to light that the woman was an adult escort.
11:00 AMWicked Attraction - Sex, Lies and Bloody Goodbyes: Woman obsessed with sex, men and money, and hires a hit man to kill her husband.
12:00 PMSins & Secrets - Tampa  : A Tampa bartender is killed before testifying at her ex-boyfriend's trial.
1:00 PMWeed Country - Welcome to the Garden  : The marijuana growing season begins; grower Mike Boutin heads out on his first pot run of the year.
2:00 PMWeed Country - Smuggler's Blues  : Disgraced dispensary owner Matt Shotwell goes in search of some premium bud and some wise counsel.
3:00 PMWeed Country - Rippers  : Nate finds his farm ripped up; Matt has a rocky first meeting with a supplier.
4:00 PMDeadliest Catch: The Bait - Season 10 Kickoff  : The captains discuss the cast changes.
5:00 PMDeadliest Catch - Careful What You Wish For: With a shortened season, the fleet works harder to make the market deadline.
6:00 PMDeadliest Catch - Careful What You Wish For: With a shortened season, the fleet works harder to make the market deadline.
7:00 PMLords of the Car Hoards - Street Legal  : Rick and the guys have it out with Chuck, who is obsessed with a 1970 Camaro Z28.
8:00 PMLords of the Car Hoards: Kingdom Redone - Pickups and Slams 
9:00 PMFast N' Loud - Fleetline Superflip Frenzy  : Richard tries to quickly flip cars in order to buy back the first car he and Aaron built together.
10:00 PMFast N' Loud - Holy Grail Firebirds  : Richard makes a deal to restore the first two Firebirds ever made.
11:00 PMRods N' Wheels: Rustoration - Hollywood Hot Rod  : Restoring a '29 Model A Ford; style inspiration from George Barris; flipping a '67 Skylark.
12:00 AMLocal Programming