10 July 2014

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11:03 PMMurder in the First - Pants on Fire  : Erich Blunt takes a lie detector test to prove his innocence; a suspect's alibi does not check out.
12:03 AMPerception - Possession: Moretti asks Pierce to examine a woman who has confessed to murder and claims to be possessed.
1:03 AMHawaii Five-0 - Ua Lawe Wale: Officer Lori Weston joins the Five-0 to make sure Gov. Denning's new rules are followed.
2:03 AMLaw & Order - Hands Free: People find parts of the same body in different piles of trash.
3:03 AMCSI: NY - Sex, Lies and Silicone: The CSI team delves into the world of political corruption when a corporate fixer is murdered.
4:00 AMCSI: NY - The Cost of Living: The CSI team investigates the death of a young archaeologist.
5:00 AMSmallville - Precipice: Clark loses control and injures a college student who almost assaulted Lana.
6:00 AMSmallville - Witness: Clark is powerless to stop the robbery of a LutherCorp truck carrying kryptonite.
7:00 AMCharmed - Repo Manor: Phoebe realizes that she must move on with her life and signs a lease for a new apartment.
8:00 AMCharmed - 12 Angry Zen: A monk teaches Billie how to use her power of projection to find her sister.
9:00 AMSupernatural - In the Beginning: Dean is shocked when he is transported back in time to Lawrence, Kan.
10:00 AMSupernatural - Metamorphosis: Sam and Dean discover a man who is changing into a flesh-eating monster.
11:00 AMSupernatural - Monster Movie: Dean and Sam investigate when several murders take place at Oktoberfest.
12:00 PMBones - Player Under Pressure: Brennan and Booth investigate a college-basketball player's death.
1:00 PMBones - The Baby in the Bough: Booth and Brennan venture to the hometown of a woman whose car was run off the road.
2:00 PMBones - The Verdict in the Story: Max goes on trial for the murder of FBI Deputy Director Robert Kirby.
3:00 PMBones - The Wannabe in the Weeds: An aspiring singer is murdered, and Brennan and Booth investigate the musician's fans and foes.
4:00 PMCastle - Almost Famous: Beckett and Castle discover a murder victim is a male stripper dressed as a cop.
5:00 PMCastle - Murder Most Fowl: While investigating a murder in Central Park, Castle and Beckett uncover a boy's abduction.
6:00 PMCastle - Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind: When a prominent astrophysicist is found dead in her car, Castle theorizes an alien abduction.
7:00 PMCastle - Last Call: Castle and Beckett investigate when a bar owner's body is found in the East River.
8:00 PMCastle - Nikki Heat: When Castle's novel ``Heat Wave'' becomes a movie, the actress hired to play Beckett visits.
9:00 PMCold Justice - Kirby's Speed Shop (Columbus, GA)  : Siegler and McClary search for evidence when a mechanic is found shot to death in his shop.
10:01 PMThe Da Vinci Code: A murder and clues in paintings lead to the discovery of a closely guarded religious mystery.