20 September 2017

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10:15 PMFear: A deranged suitor torments family and friends of a teen girl with whom he is obsessed.
12:00 AMThe Ghost Writer: A ghostwriter exposes a dark secret while working on the memoirs of England's former prime minister.
2:10 AMLumberjack Man: A demonic logger uses an ax and other deadly weapons to wreak bloody havoc at a summer camp.
4:00 AMI Survived a Zombie Holocaust: Wesley's first day as a low-budget film's runner goes bad when zombies overrun the set.
5:40 AMThe Parent Trap: An 11-year-old meets her California twin, and they plot to reunite their divorced parents.
8:00 AMChristmas Eve: A power outage traps six groups of New Yorkers in elevators on Christmas Eve.
9:45 AM45 Years: As their 45th wedding anniversary approaches, a woman learns that her husband was once engaged.
11:30 AMDrunkboat: A teen fools his boozy uncle into helping him buy a con man's boat.
1:15 PMA Rising Tide: A young chef grows up quickly after Hurricane Sandy destroys his family's restaurant.
3:00 PMThe Sting: To avenge a murder, two con men bilk a mobster with their betting-room scam in 1930s Chicago.
5:10 PMTyler Perry's the Family That Preys: Greed and scandal test the mettle of two family matriarchs.
7:00 PMLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: London pals owe a huge sum, betting on cards.
9:00 PMThe Boondock Saints: Brothers begin killing off Boston's underworld.
11:00 PMHardcore Henry: A half-human, half-robot rampages through Moscow to save his kidnapped wife from an army of thugs.
12:40 AMLocal Programming