29 March 2015

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10:00 PMCat Ballou: A schoolmarm seeks revenge on her father's killer.
12:00 AMWonder Man: The ghost of a bumped-off nightclub performer makes his bookish twin take his place.
2:00 AMBone: A potential rapist enters a couple's luxury home.
3:45 AMWhen You Grow Up
4:00 AMBaby Doll: A Sicilian cotton maker seduces a Mississippi rival's infantile bride.
6:00 AMI Take This Woman: A doctor marries a model and quits his clinic to make enough money to please her.
8:00 AMGreen Dolphin Street: Two sisters love a man amid revolt and natural disaster in 1840s New Zealand.
10:30 AMThe Lady From Shanghai: A rich lawyer and his seductive wife frame an Irish sailor for murder.
12:15 PMThe End of the Affair: A civil servant's wife in wartime London vows to leave her injured lover if he recovers.
2:15 PMHow to Marry a Millionaire: Three gold diggers share a Manhattan penthouse, hoping to lure eligible rich men.
4:00 PMRoyal Wedding: A brother and sister take their act to 1947 London. Includes Astaire's famous dance on the ceiling.
5:45 PMGoodbye Again: Stranded by her lover, a 40-ish interior decorator in Paris turns to a U.S. client's playboy son.
8:00 PMGrand Hotel: A ballerina, baron, stenographer, bookkeeper and tycoon check into Berlin's Grand Hotel.
10:00 PMHotel Berlin: An escapee from Dachau, an actress and others hide in a grand hotel as the Third Reich falls.
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