16 April 2014

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11:00 PMFace Off - Cry Wolf: The artists must create werewolf rivals for the vampires they created previously.
12:00 AMJim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge - Heads Up  : The designers must create a creature that will return to life under the spell of a wizard.
1:00 AMEye of the Beast: A scientist tries to stop a giant squid from killing residents of a small town.
3:00 AMShark Zone: Divers try to recover diamonds in waters infested by white sharks.
5:00 AMAmerica loves Shark! Next Generation Technology for less !: Shark Rotator Lift Away - The Next Generation of Shark, No Loss of Suction, Vacuums.
5:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMBuy gold, at-cost!
6:30 AMMontel Williams: Living well with Montel and the devastating effects of identity theft.
7:00 AMVivica Fox Skincare Secrets: A revolutionary skincare system created for ethnic skin and developed by a woman of color.
7:30 AMSpring Cleaning and the SHARK ROCKET designed to do it!: Better Carpet Cleaning; vacuum 1/3 the cost of the competition, lighter weight, enhanced swivel.
8:00 AMWarehouse 13 - Endless Terror: Claudia, Steve and Artie discovers Paracelsus has turned the Warehouse into a house of horrors.
9:00 AMMetal Hurlant Chronicles - King's Crown  : A dying king holds a tournament; two human warriors compete against machines for the throne.
9:30 AMMetal Hurlant Chronicles - The Endomorphe  : The chosen one fights for humanity against the Mecamorphes.
10:00 AMHaunted Highway - Beast of Bray Road; Tonopah Mine  : Hunting down the Beast of Bray Road in the snowy woods of Wisconsin.
11:00 AMHaunted Highway - Lake Murray Beast; The Donner Party  : Fishing for the Lake Murray Monster in South Carolina; searching for the Donner party.
12:00 PMHaunted Highway - Shades of Death; Bridge of Doom  : Investigating a tragic railroad disaster in Ashtabula, Ohio.
1:00 PMHaunted Highway - Black Angel; Arizona Domes  : Jack and Dana travel to Iowa City, Iowa to explore eerie dome structures.
2:00 PMHaunted Highway - Bear Lake Beast; Vergas Hairy Man  : Bear Lake in remote Utah.
3:00 PMHaunted Highway - Darkman of Standing Rock; Blackstar Shadow Man  : Investigators search on horseback for a legend that is said to prey on the weak and vulnerable.
4:00 PMHaunted Highway - Utah Skinwalker; Ozark Howler  : Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman head out in search for a terrifying Skinwalker.
5:00 PMWar Wolves: A squad of U.S. soldiers searches for the carrier of a werewolf virus.
7:00 PMUnderworld: Rise of the Lycans: Lucian leads the Lycans against Viktor, the king of the vampires.
9:00 PMThe Day After Tomorrow: A climatologist tries to locate his son after global warming leads to worldwide natural disasters.
11:30 PMUnderworld: Rise of the Lycans: Lucian leads the Lycans against Viktor, the king of the vampires.