26 December 2014

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11:00 PMCharlie Rose
12:00 AMTavis Smiley: Producers Berry Gordy and Suzanne De Passe.
12:30 AMLocal Programming
1:00 AMTheater Talk: New York theater.
1:30 AMMasterpiece Mystery! - Poirot, Season 12: Dead Man's Folly: An old friend invites Poirot to a murder hunt game.
3:00 AMCall the Midwife Holiday Special: Rehearsals for the Christmas concert disrupt the lives of the nuns and nurses; chicken pox outbreak.
4:20 AMVicious - Holiday Special  : Freddie and Stuart are throwing a Christmas Day party for their friends with a little help from Ash.
5:00 AMTales From the Royal Bedchamber: Lucy Worsley explores the public's obsession with royal bedrooms, births and succession.
6:00 AMRoadtrip Nation - Connecting the Dots: Attorney Brittan Heller; mechanic Sal Donato; Christine Borelli and Stacey Cruise.
6:30 AMRick Steves' Europe - Amsterdam: Exploring Amsterdam's history, art, and culture.
7:00 AMLocal Programming
8:00 AMConsuelo Mack WealthTrack - 2014's Best Calls  : Robert Amodeo, Western Asset Management; Robert DiMella, MacKay Municipal Managers; Robert Kessler.
8:30 AMLocal Programming
9:00 AMWashington Week With Gwen Ifill
9:30 AMCharlie Rose -- The Week
10:00 AMMoyers & Company - Savage Anxieties  : Legal scholar Robert Williams.
10:30 AMReligion & Ethics Newsweekly
11:00 AMNew York Now: Political news, interviews and field pieces.
11:30 AMTo the Contrary With Bonnie Erb: A documentary on welcoming movement.
12:00 PMRichard Heffner's Open Mind: Interview series.
12:30 PMCaucus New Jersey: Major political issues are discussed.
1:00 PMSuper Skyscrapers - One World Trade Center  : One World Trade Center is engineered to be the safest and strongest skyscraper ever built.
2:00 PMNOVA - Building the Great Cathedrals: In the Middle Ages, architects constructed great Gothic cathedrals that have stood for centuries.
3:00 PMNOVA - Great Cathedral Mystery: Bricklayers build an experimental mini-Duomo using period tools and techniques.
4:00 PMGlobe Trekker - Globe Trekker Special: Art Trails of the French Riviera: The refuges and favorite places of artists like Cezanne, Renoir, Picasso and Chagall.
5:00 PMNature - The Himalayas: The diverse wildlife and habitats of the Himalayan mountain system.
6:00 PMPBS NewsHour Weekend: A family's story of poverty, disease and a run-in with the Ku Klux Klan.
6:30 PMSciTech Now
7:00 PMThe This Old House Hour - This Old House: A Rowhouse Reimagined; Ask This Old House: Honey Harvesting  : Exterior renovations include a new dormer, windows, shutters and front entry; master suite retreat.
8:00 PMKeeping Up Appearances: A housewife tries to maintain her social standing.
8:30 PMAs Time Goes By - Getting Rid of Gwen: Jean schemes to get rid of Lionel's talkative secretary without hurting her feelings.
9:00 PMAngel on My Shoulder: A slain gangster breaks his deal with the devil, who has brought him back as an honest judge.
10:45 PMOndine: An Irish fisherman finds a woman in his nets and thinks he has caught a mermaid.