31 August 2015

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11:00 PMCharlie Rose
12:00 AMTavis Smiley: Poet Kataalyst Alcindor; singer Dee Dee Bridgewater.
12:30 AMOne on One With Steve Adubato: Professionals and innovators share their experiences.
1:00 AMMasterpiece Mystery! - Sherlock, Series II: The Reichenbach Fall: Moriarty breaks into the Crown Jewels; Sherlock has to fight for his reputation and his life.
2:30 AMVicious - Sister  : Violet panics when her wealthy sister Lillian - whom she has not seen in years - announces a visit.
3:00 AMVicious - Gym  : Freddie and Stuart decide that they are unfit and join Ash at his gym.
3:30 AMSecrets of Her Majesty's Secret Service: The real British Secret Service.
4:30 AMLocal Programming
6:00 AMWild Kratts - Fossa Palooza: Chris gets to see a fossa.
6:30 AMThomas & Friends - Special Jobs: Diesel tries hard to be admired; Emily ignores her task of transporting the football team's clothes.
7:00 AMSesame Street - Proud to Be Me: Segi becomes upset after reading a book.
8:00 AMCurious George - George Digs Worms; Everything Old Is New Again: George challenges Bill to a worm race; award for recycling.
8:30 AMCurious George - Wheels on the Bus; Seed Trouble: George and the Man follow a bus; the Bag Olympics.
9:00 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Miss Elaina Gets Hurt; Daniel Feels Better  : Miss Elaina gets hurt during a game of astronauts; Dr. Anna helps Daniel after he twists his ankle.
9:30 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Daniel Can't Ride Trolley; Daniel Can't Get What He Wants  : Daniel is mad when he can't ride the trolley; stomping three times helps Daniel feel better.
10:00 AMThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! - Digging the Deep; Puddle Puzzle: Nick and Sally explore the ocean; the backyard puddle disappears.
10:30 AMThomas & Friends - Best Times!: Thomas loses storybooks in Farmer McColl's field; Percy delivers a big gift crate to Knapford.
11:00 AMPeg Plus Cat - The Blockette Problem; The Tulip Problem  : Peg and Cat work on the set for the Radio City Music Hall Blockettes; Peg and Cat settle a tiff.
11:30 AMAngelina Ballerina: The Next Steps - Angelina Cheerleader; Angelina's Ballet School: Marco can't run the marathon; Angelina's ballet school.
12:00 PMDinosaur Train - Zeppelin Waterfall; Zeppelin: Atoll: The kids learn about waterfalls; the Pteranodon family meet a mother and daughter from Australia.
12:30 PMDinosaur Train - Zeppelin: Pangaea; Zeppelin: Crater: The Conductor takes the kids back to Pangaea; the family views a giant crater from above.
1:00 PMTavis Smiley: Poet Kataalyst Alcindor; singer Dee Dee Bridgewater.
1:30 PMCharlie Rose
2:30 PMSesame Street - Proud to Be Me  : Segi becomes upset after reading a book.
3:00 PMCurious George - George Digs Worms; Everything Old Is New Again: George challenges Bill to a worm race; award for recycling.
3:30 PMSuper Why! - The Story of the Super Readers: Whyatt and friends use their love of words to foil the Big Bad Wolf's plan to blow everything down.
4:00 PMOdd Squad - Trials and Tubulations  : Olive and Otto are stranded in a dangerous forest when the tube system breaks.
4:30 PMCyberchase - Send in the Clones: The team uses multiplication to keep track of Delete's clones.
5:00 PMCyberchase - A Perfect Fit: The squad must block the rays of the sun before it energizes a monster.
5:30 PMBBC World News America: U.S.-targeted nightly newscast.
6:00 PMLocal Programming
6:30 PMNightly Business Report
7:00 PMPBS NewsHour
8:00 PMBig Blue Live: The rejuvenation of Monterey Bay, Calif., where marine creatures thrive.
9:00 PMIn Their Own Words - Queen Elizabeth II  : Queen Elizabeth II's life, from her youth to her sudden ascension to the throne.
10:00 PMFrontline - Putin's Way: Tracing the career of Russian President Vladimir Putin over two decades.
11:00 PMCharlie Rose
12:00 AMLocal Programming