23 July 2017

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11:02 PMAlaskan Bush People - Faith & Family  : Ami undergoes testing; Noah braves the dangers of the wilderness to defend the homestead.
12:04 AMAlaskan Bush People - The Long Road  : A major diagnosis shakes the Brown family; medical analysis continues for Ami.
1:04 AMAlaskan Bush People - Strength in Numbers  : Medical analysis continues for Ami; Matt reunites with Noah in Browntown.
2:04 AMAlaskan Bush People - Weight of the Wolfpack  : As Ami awaits treatment options, the kids prepare to join Matt to begin packing up Browntown.
3:00 AMSharkzilla: Researchers try to build a replica of a 52-foot-long shark that cruised prehistoric oceans.
4:00 AMShark Week's 25 Best Bites: A countdown of the greatest shark footage in celebration of Shark Week's 25th anniversary.
5:00 AMShark Week's Impossible Shot: Wildlife cameramen journey to South Africa to capture footage of a white shark.
6:00 AMSharktacular: Exclusive sneak peeks, viral videos, and the greatest sharks in Shark Week history.
7:00 AMTiger Beach: Dr. Neil Hammerschlag tracks sharks to answer the trifecta of tiger shark science.
8:00 AMUltimate Air Jaws: White sharks leap from the ocean after launching sneak attacks on their prey.
9:00 AMI Escaped Jaws 2: Harrowing firsthand stories of people who came face to face with the ocean's most feared predator.
10:00 AMSharkpocalypse: Two adventurers investigate the trend of sharks moving in closer to shorelines.
11:00 AMShark Trek: Marine biologist Dr. Greg Skomal tags great white sharks off the coast of Cape Cod.
12:00 PMZombie Sharks: Eli Martinez explores tonic immobility in sharks; predators use the state on white sharks.
1:00 PMNinja Sharks: Six deadly sharks exploit prey with specialized adaptations that make them fearsome predators.
2:00 PMWrath of a Great White Serial Killer: Investigating why great white sharks are traveling to the waters off the Pacific Northwest.
3:00 PMMonster Hammerhead: Scientists and anglers investigate reports of a 20-foot-long hammerhead shark.
4:00 PMMonster Mako: Little is known about the large mako sharks that live in the Gulf of Mexico.
5:00 PMIsland of the Mega Shark: Shark experts travel to the home of some of the largest great white sharks on Earth.
6:00 PMAir Jaws: Fin of Fury: Sharkopedia Edition: Jeff Kurr and his team embark on a worldwide mission to locate Colossus, the missing mega shark.
7:00 PMGreat White Serial Killer Lives: Investigating shark attacks that have been occurring every two years along the California coast.
8:00 PMPhelps vs Shark: Great Gold vs Great White: World's fastest human swimmer races against one of the fastest predators on the planet, the shark.
9:06 PMShark-Croc Showdown: Seeing what happens when 14-foot crocodiles move into shark-infested waters.
10:06 PMGreat Hammerhead Invasion: Shark scientist Tristen Guttridge investigates the arrival of hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas.
11:06 PMShark After Dark - Off to the Races  : Tony Hale and Joe Romeiro discuss Michael Phelps' race against a great white shark.
11:36 PMPhelps vs Shark: Great Gold vs Great White: World's fastest human swimmer races against one of the fastest predators on the planet, the shark.
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