22 May 2015

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11:04 PMMonster Croc Invasion: Paul Bedard investigates the alarmingly high number of attacks by crocodiles in Costa Rica.
12:04 AMRiver Monsters - Africa's Deadliest: Jeremy returns to the Okavango Delta to re-investigate the capsized boat predator.
1:04 AMI Was Bitten: The Walker County Incident: Several victims come forward with tales of an unspeakable creature plaguing Jasper, Ala.
3:04 AMRiver Monsters - Atomic Assassin: Jeremy looks into a series of grisly attacks near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
4:00 AMBlood Lake: Lost Footage: A town is on the verge of an attack -- by killer lampreys; includes new footage.
6:00 AMGator Boys - Thrash and Snap  : A woman who calls about gator in her backyard ends up volunteering; Tre gives gator wrestling class.
7:00 AMCall of the Wildman - Tough Cookies  : On Gary's farm, a critter's tunneling stops cattle from going to the watering hole; Cole returns.
7:30 AMCall of the Wildman - Trail Blazers  : Turtleman and Neal take on honeybees, gnarly gar and at narrow cavern to the Forgotten Valley.
8:00 AMSwamp Wars - Monsters in the Backyard  : A 13-foot python takes a dip in a neighborhood pool on Christmas morning.
9:00 AMMountain Monsters - Bloodless Howler of Harrison County  : Eyewitness leads on a vicious canine-feline hybrid dubbed the Bloodless Howler.
10:00 AMMountain Monsters - Wild Bill's Bear Beast  : The team travels to West Virginia to investigate a killer bear canine hybrid.
11:00 AMMountain Monsters - Snallygaster of Preston County  : The AIMS team travel to Preston County, West Virginia to investigate the Snallygaster.
12:00 PMFinding Bigfoot - Sketching Sasquatch  : Sound recordings near Lake Tahoe investigated; evidence uncovered while blasting calls in Sierras.
1:00 PMFinding Bigfoot - 'Bama Bigfoot  : The team travels deep into the forests of ''Creepy Mountain'' where they try a new search technique.
2:00 PMFinding Bigfoot - Kung-Fu Bigfoot  : Team treks to China to find the little known Yeren.
3:00 PMFinding Bigfoot - Live to Squatch Another Day  : Using music as bait, the team may have finally spotted a sasquatch, putting them in serious danger.
4:00 PMFinding Bigfoot - Super Yooper Sasquatch  : The team investigates a photo taken in northern Michigan and lay bait as witnesses come forward.
5:00 PMFinding Bigfoot - South Jersey Sasquatch  : The team travels to New Jersey to hold a town hall meeting to gather witnesses.
6:00 PMMonster Squid: The Giant Is Real: Footage of where the giant squid lives is revealed.
8:00 PMMermaids: The Body Found: A team of scientists claim to have found the remains of a sea creature with ties to human origins.
10:02 PMMermaids: The New Evidence: Never-before-seen video evidence of mermaids; Dr. Paul Robertson.
11:02 PMMedieval Monsters: A monster hunter shares what he considers to be the most dangerous and wondrous beasts of the world.
11:14 PMMermaids: The Body Found: A team of scientists claim to have found the remains of a sea creature with ties to human origins.