22 December 2014

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11:32 PMStorage Wars - Barry Doubtfire: The buyers visit Stanton, Calif.; Darrell is banned from an auction; Barry goes under cover.
12:01 AMStorage Wars - Flight of the Gambler: The locker-lookers return to Montebello, Calif., where Darrell hopes to repeat past successes.
12:31 AMStorage Wars - Nerds of the Round Table: Rene and Darrell play mind games; Jarrod and Brandi visit a crime scene and travel back in time.
1:01 AMStorage Wars - The Return of the King of Montebello: Brandi and Jarrod split up; Ivy hires a new employee; Rene learns how to strip.
1:31 AMStorage Wars - Bowling for Brandi: Darrell and Brandon seek hidden treasures in West Covina, Calif.; Dave makes a first-class find.
2:01 AMStorage Wars - A Very Miraculous Storage Wars Christmas: The buyers attend a white elephant gift exchange at Dan and Laura's house.
3:03 AMStorage Wars - Hestered in the Highlands: The buyers seek bargains in the hills of Murrieta, Calif.; Dave angers the Gambler.
3:33 AMStorage Wars - Barry Doubtfire: The buyers visit Stanton, Calif.; Darrell is banned from an auction; Barry goes under cover.
4:02 AMCeleb Hair Styling Tips: The Instyler rotating hot iron is a hair straightening and curling tool unlike any other!
4:30 AMBosley Hair Restoration: Learn about BOSLEY'S permanent and natural-looking hair restoration solution.
5:00 AMNew NutriBullet Rx Makes Hot Soup and Get a Free Original NutriBullet!: The New Powerful NutriBullet Rx makes hot soup! Order today and get the Original NutriBullet Free!
5:30 AMDr. Ho Relieves Back Pain: Order the decompression belt today to help get fast relief from your aching back pain.
6:00 AMBest Pressure Cooker!: Hearty, wholesome meals in LESS time!
6:30 AMKeith Urban The Player Series Guitar & Lessons: 30 Songs in 30 Days: Music superstar Keith Urban can teach you 30 songs in 30 days with his new guitar & lesson package!
7:00 AMParking Wars: An angry man tries to block the boot; Norman wants respect; repeat offender at the impound lot.
7:30 AMParking Wars: Garfield tests his luck trying to boot two cars on the same block in Philadelphia.
8:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Rain Check: Beth hopes for a romantic anniversary dinner with Dog, but the call of duty spoils their plans.
9:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Dead of Night: Dog gets a late-night lead on a difficult case with Chris' business at stake.
10:00 AMCriminal Minds - Solitary Man: In order to catch a truck driver who is kidnapping women, the team must figure out his motive.
11:00 AMCriminal Minds - The Fight: Hotch and the team investigate the murder of several homeless men in San Francisco.
12:00 PMCSI: Miami - Spring Breakdown: The team splits up to investigate three different murders during spring break.
1:00 PMCSI: Miami - Backfire: A murder victim's spirit won't leave Calleigh alone until she solves his case.
2:00 PMCriminal Minds - A Rite of Passage: The team heads to Texas to track a serial killer targeting illegal immigrants.
3:00 PMCriminal Minds - ... A Thousand Words: The team must profile a serial killer, covered in tattoos, who commits suicide.
4:00 PMThe First 48 - Return to Sender; Death Camp: A Dallas detective investigates the murder of a young man shot in his friend's car.
5:00 PMThe First 48 - Missing: Police retrace the last known steps of a missing 20-year-old single mother.
6:00 PMThe First 48 - Unarmed; Bad Feeling: An unarmed man is gunned down outside a bar; a woman is found bludgeoned to death in her apartment.
7:00 PMThe First 48 - Innocent Bystander; Partners in Crime: A fatal stabbing at a Texas strip mall leaves a policeman with more questions than answers.
8:00 PMThe First 48 - Deadly Ride; Wrong Place, Wrong Time: A Cleveland man is shot while driving his car; Miami citizens remain tight-lipped about a murder.
9:00 PMThe First 48 - Blood Red; Deadly Moves: Two Dallas men are gunned down; a Cleveland preacher is strangled in his home.
10:00 PMThe First 48 - Trust No One; Risky Business: A beloved Cleveland man is murdered in his own home; Dallas robbers kill one man and wound another.
11:02 PMThe First 48 - Nightmare in Greedy Grove; Good Man Down: An innocent bystander dies in a drive-by shooting; a man is killed trying to break up a fight.