8 December 2016

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11:30 PMAsk Me Anything: A young woman takes time off before college and starts a blog about her sexual exploits.
1:15 AMErotic Fashion Show: After being noticed by a major brand, an aspiring fashion designer enters a glamorous new world.
2:30 AMKill Kane: Ray stalks the streets in pursuit of revenge after mobsters kill his family.
4:00 AMCold Souls: After borrowing the soul of a Russian poet, an actor has strange dreams.
5:45 AMDanger Zone: Others use engineer to locate hijacked plutonium.
7:20 AMWillow Creek: A man and his girlfriend camp in the woods to capture firsthand evidence of Bigfoot.
8:40 AMHidalgo: A Westerner races a horse across the Arabian desert.
11:00 AMGood Morning, Vietnam: Airman Adrian Cronauer wakes up 1965 Saigon as a disc jockey on Armed Forces Radio.
1:00 PMThe Alamo: Outnumbered Texans fight to secede from Mexico.
3:20 PMFlyboys: Several Americans volunteer for the French military before the U.S. enters World War I.
5:40 PMGood Kill: An Air Force drone pilot stationed in Las Vegas begins to question the ethics of his job.
7:30 PMMeskada: A detective's investigation of a boy's killing leads him back to his hometown.
9:00 PMHidalgo: A Westerner races a horse across the Arabian desert.
11:30 PMKilling Season: A U.S. veteran and a former Serbian soldier play cat-and-mouse games in the remote wilderness.