6 December 2016

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11:00 PMWhy Be Good?: A salesgirl falls in love with a wealthy heir to the store in which she works.
12:30 AMDick Rich and His Synco-Symphonists: Big band leader Dick Rich and his orchestra.
12:43 AMYou Don't Know the Half of It: Ann Butler tells Jay Brennan about men she's known.
12:55 AMA Breath of Broadway: Jack Waldron's vaudeville act.
1:08 AMBen Bernie and His Orchestra
1:20 AMShip Ahoy: A chubby sailor sings and dances.
1:33 AMHarry Fox and His Six American Beauties
1:45 AMShow Girl in Hollywood: A Hollywood producer helps a New York nightclub singer become a movie star.
3:15 AMHarry Wayman and His Debutantes: Harry Wayman leads an all-female orchestra.
3:43 AMGoing Places: Two vagrants wander into a restaurant.
4:10 AMTal Henry and His North Carolinians
4:38 AMJans and Whalen, Two Good Boys Gone Wrong: Comedy short from 1929.
5:05 AMA Cycle of Songs: Florence Brady sings three numbers.
5:33 AMBlossom Seeley and Bennie Fields: Blossom Seeley and Bennie Fields perform three songs.
6:15 AMMoby Dick: Herman Melville's mad Capt. Ahab spends years hunting the white whale that got his leg.
8:00 AMThe Singing Nun: A Dominican nun working in a Belgian slum is urged by a priest to record her music.
9:45 AMJohnny Belinda: A doctor brings love to a deaf-mute rape victim in Nova Scotia.
11:45 AMThe Swan: A European princess waltzes with her tutor but is destined to marry a crown prince.
1:45 PMOur Vines Have Tender Grapes: A Norwegian farmer lovingly raises his daughter in Benson Junction, Wis.
3:45 PMMeet Me in Las Vegas: A ballerina brings casino luck to a gambling rancher, until they fall in love.
5:45 PMMrs. Parkington: The matriarch of a family facing ruin recalls how she and her husband built an American empire.
8:00 PMMake Way for Tomorrow: An elderly couple are at the mercy of their children, who consider them a burden.
9:45 PMThe Trip to Bountiful: Leaving her weak son and his wife in 1947 Houston, an elderly widow takes the bus home.
11:45 PMI Never Sang for My Father: A middle-aged New York professor loses his mother and reaches out to his bitter father.