3 September 2015

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11:30 PMHouse Hunters International: An airline pilot and his wife want to raise their children in the remote hills of Tuscany, Italy.
12:00 AMFixer Upper - A College Chaplain Seeks Home to Keep the Peace  : A couple tours houses near Baylor University, in search of one large enough.
1:00 AMHouse Hunters - He Wants Gadgets and She Wants Mermaids in Baltimore: A Baltimore couple wants to find a larger home in a nice neighborhood for their family of six.
1:30 AMHouse Hunters International: A couple wants to settle in Arusha, Tanzania, where they plan to start their own safari company.
2:00 AMHouse Hunters: A man wants to find a sturdy, Spanish-style house in Key Largo, Fla.
2:30 AMHouse Hunters International: An airline pilot and his wife want to raise their children in the remote hills of Tuscany, Italy.
3:00 AMFixer Upper - The Gaines' Carpenter and Family Seek Urban Environment  : Big city transplants want a house with an urban feel.
4:00 AMNo more wrinkles! Say ByeBye now and look younger!: No more wrinkles! Look younger with Bye Bye Foundation. Developed to correct and protect your skin.
4:30 AMBreaking News - Derm Exclusive Secrets: Dr. Ordon reveals the secret behind looking years younger instantly.
5:00 AMJane Seymour's Secret to Youthful-looking skin: Smooth, firm, and lift the look of dry, wrinkly, crepe paper-looking skin. www.CrepeErase.com.
5:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMSexy in 3 Weeks!: Simple fitness, simple eating and fast results to a sexy new you.
6:30 AMMy Big Family Renovation - The Big Move  : A family wants to find a fixer-upper in Buda, Texas, that can fit a growing family of seven.
7:00 AMMy Big Family Renovation - First Floor Fixes  : As the family settles in, only the girls are sleeping inside; creating an open floor plan.
7:30 AMFlip or Flop - Custom Craftsman  : After buying a craftsman-style home in Santa Ana, Calif., a flipper needs help keeping on budget.
8:00 AMFlip or Flop - Abandoned Flip  : A short sale could prove to be a promising investment but the renovations are incomplete.
8:30 AMFlip or Flop - Cracked Flip  : Tarek and Christina do not have much time to perform an inspection.
9:00 AMFlip or Flop - A Dinky Flip  : Tarek and Christina take on a small, outdated property in Downey, Calif.
9:30 AMFlip or Flop - Toxic Flip  : Tarek and Christina believe the numbers are worth the calculated risk.
10:00 AMFlip or Flop - Thrifty vs. Glitzy  : Tarek is ready to move quickly with a friend on a cosmetic updating, easy flip.
10:30 AMFlip or Flop - The Money Pit  : A Norwalk, Calif., property looks like a chance to make a profit.
11:00 AMFlip or Flop - Pipe Dreams  : Tarek and Christina find a property in Garden Grove, Calif., that needs only cosmetic repairs.
11:30 AMFlip or Flop - A Flip With the Enemy  : Tarek and Christina are offered the chance to split a flip, but must work with a competitor.
12:00 PMHouse Hunters: A family wants to buy a home in the Philadelphia suburbs that suits its needs.
12:30 PMHouse Hunters International: A couple searches for a vacation home in Playa del Carmen.
1:00 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt - Ducking High Prices in Tallahassee  : A couple wants to find a house on a lake for tranquility and outdoor recreation.
1:30 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt: A couple with different opinions look for a lakefront home in Maine's Sebago Lakes region.
2:00 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt - Kickin' Back on Lake Keowee, S.C.  : A couple seeks a lakefront lodge on Lake Keowee, S.C., with many outdoor activities.
2:30 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt: A couple wants to find a cabin by a lake to spend time away from hectic lives.
3:00 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt - Pursuing a Penn Yan Peace of Mind  : Workaholics want to find a vacation home near water where they can relax.
3:30 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt: A couple hopes to find a place they can relax in Table Rock Lake in Missouri.
4:00 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt - All in the Family in Lake Martin, Ala.  : A young, Birmingham couple wants to return to Lake Martin to put down roots and start a family.
4:30 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt: Missing the ocean, a woman and her son search for a vacation home in Summit County, Colo.
5:00 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt - Lovin' Life on Lake Greenwood, S.C.  : A couple wants to find a place on Lake Greenwood, S.C., so they can spend less time traveling.
5:30 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt: A family who loves spending weekends lakeside, searches for a second home in Seguin, Texas.
6:00 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt: A couple searches for a home on Kerr Lake in Clarksville, Va.
6:30 PMLakefront Bargain Hunt: A couple from St. Louis wants to give their children lakeside vacations in Innsbrook Resort.
7:00 PMTiny House, Big Living - College Student's Tiny Farmhouse  : A full-time college student wants to build a tiny house to help her escape her mounting debt.
7:30 PMTiny House, Big Living - Tiny House With Special Creature Comforts  : Creating a tiny house outside of Dayton, Ohio, that can suit the needs of a couple and its cats.
8:00 PMTiny House Hunters - Family of Six Downsizes From 2500 Sq. Ft. to Tiny Home  : A family plans to leave Los Angeles for a tiny home in rural upstate New York.
8:30 PMTiny House Hunters: An artist wants to find a house that is less than 400 square feet and is on wheels.
9:00 PMTiny House Hunters: Newlyweds want to find a tiny house on a large, secluded plot of land.
9:30 PMTiny House Hunters - Tiny Life in Paradise  : A recent retiree wants to trade in her townhouse for a tiny home on the Big Island of Hawaii.
10:00 PMHouse Hunters: A firefighter and an environmental scientist want to find a historical home in rural New Jersey.
10:30 PMHouse Hunters International: A couple relocates to Christchurch, New Zealand, to help make buildings more earthquake-resistant.
11:00 PMHouse Hunters: Nashville newlyweds with different visions need to find a house that they can agree on.
11:30 PMHouse Hunters International: A family wants to find a place that suits everyone in the Caribbean.
12:00 AMLocal Programming