26 November 2014

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11:00 PMRevenge of the Whale: Nantucket whaler Essex sinks in the Pacific after a sperm whale strikes it, leaving an eerie tale.
1:00 AMRiver Monsters - American Killers: Jeremy searches for a modern-day ``Jaws'' in Florida's Indian River Lagoon.
3:00 AMFatal Attractions - Killer Animals on the Loose: Police are forced to kill 49 exotic animals released into the wild by a suicidal Ohio man.
4:00 AMInfested! - Hostile Takeovers  : Scorpions fall from the rafters in a dream home; a family battles blood-sucking parasites.
5:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Nurse Shark Attack: A diver gets a surprise when he tries to kiss a nurse shark on the snout.
6:00 AMOrangutan Island - Break Out: The older males figure out that the electric fence is not working.
6:30 AMEscape to Chimp Eden - The Human Alpha: Eugene begins his work with the new family group.
7:00 AMBig Cat Diary - Search for Sala: The Ridge Pride of lions; a cheetah and her cubs master teamwork; a leopard teaches her cubs.
7:30 AMBig Cat Diary - Treed by Lions: Kike and her cubs struggle for food.
8:00 AMThe Crocodile Hunter - Sharks: Outside the Cage: Steve studies some of the more placid and harmless sharks living in the waters around Australia.
9:00 AMTurkey Secrets: Thanksgiving bird, once on the brink of extinction, now flourishes.
10:00 AMNorth America - No Place to Hide  : Extreme storms and unpredictable blizzards test all those who dare call this place home.
11:00 AMNorth America - Learn Young or Die  : Survival is a daily battle in the extremes of North America's mountains and forests.
12:00 PMNorth America - The Savage Edge  : Witness the explosive collisions that defined the continent's coasts; massive shark migration.
1:00 PMNorth America - Outlaws and Skeletons  : From Death Valley to the deserts of Mexico, there are surprising creature adaptations.
2:00 PMRiver Monsters - Pack of Teeth: A terrifying creature with sharklike teeth lurks in the waters of Botswana's Okavango Delta.
3:00 PMRiver Monsters - Electric Executioner: Jeremy Wade is in Brazil, searching for a river monster that has killed three cowboys.
4:00 PMRiver Monsters - Mongolian Mauler: Jeremy stalks a rare river beast in Mongolia while minding the armed outlaws in the wilderness.
5:00 PMRiver Monsters - Killer Torpedo: A Central American beast leaps into boats and inflicts devastating injuries upon fishermen.
6:00 PMRiver Monsters - Legend of Loch Ness: Jeremy's quest to locate the legendary Loch Ness Monster takes him from Scotland to Iceland.
8:00 PMWhen Turkeys Attack: Investigating turkey attacks on people and studying the root of the birds' aggressive behavior.
9:00 PMThe Hunt for Hogzilla
10:00 PMMonster Squid: The Giant Is Real: Footage of where the giant squid lives is revealed.
11:00 PMWhen Turkeys Attack: Investigating turkey attacks on people and studying the root of the birds' aggressive behavior.