27 May 2017

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11:01 PMRiver Monsters - Hidden Predator: Jeremy travels to South Africa to catch a bull shark lurking in freshwater locales.
12:01 AMRiver Monsters - Flesh Ripper: Jeremy Wade searches for a two-hundred year old legend.
1:01 AMRiver Monsters - Alligator Gar: Jeremy heads to Texas in an attempt to uncover the truth about the alligator gar.
2:01 AMRiver Monsters - Amazon Flesh Eaters: Jeremy Wade searches for the Amazon's notorious flesh eaters; a man is swallowed whole by a fish.
3:00 AMRiver Monsters - Piranha: Eyewitnesses and survivors of piranha attacks.
4:00 AMRiver Monsters - European Maneater: Wade travels to Germany and Spain to uncover the legend of the Wels catfish.
5:00 AMRiver Monsters - Amazon Assassins: The Amazon's legendary arapaima, one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world.
6:00 AMRiver Monsters - Jungle Killer: Jeremy Wade sets out for South America to find a monster.
7:00 AMRiver Monsters - Silent Assassin: In a remote corner of Argentina, Jeremy Wade investigates the death of a young girl.
8:00 AMRiver Monsters - American Killers: Jeremy searches for a modern-day ``Jaws'' in Florida's Indian River Lagoon.
9:00 AMRiver Monsters - Russian Killer: A mammoth predator resides in the waters of eastern Russia's Amur River.
10:00 AMRiver Monsters - Mongolian Mauler: Jeremy stalks a rare river beast in Mongolia while minding the armed outlaws in the wilderness.
11:00 AMRiver Monsters - Chainsaw Predator: Jeremy Wade aims to catch a rare freshwater sawfish in Australia.
12:00 PMRiver Monsters - Phantom Assassin: Jeremy dives into western Australia's crocodile-infested Fitzroy River to catch an elusive shark.
1:00 PMRiver Monsters - Pack of Teeth: A terrifying creature with sharklike teeth lurks in the waters of Botswana's Okavango Delta.
2:00 PMRiver Monsters - Invisible Executioner: Jeremy searches for a monstrous beast that reportedly lives in the Zambezi River.
3:00 PMRiver Monsters - The Mutilator: Jeremy Wade travels to the Sepik River in New Guinea to investigate a creature.
4:00 PMRiver Monsters - Killer Torpedo: A Central American beast leaps into boats and inflicts devastating injuries upon fishermen.
5:00 PMRiver Monsters - Atomic Assassin: Jeremy looks into a series of grisly attacks near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
6:00 PMRiver Monsters - Colombian Slasher: Jeremy investigates the circumstances of a bride's death in the Colombian Amazon.
7:00 PMRiver Monsters - Amazon Apocalypse: Wade is on the hunt to learn what was behind a river boat attack where over 200 people were killed.
8:00 PMRiver Monsters - Legend of Loch Ness: Jeremy's quest to locate the legendary Loch Ness Monster takes him from Scotland to Iceland.
9:00 PMRiver Monsters: Best of the Beasts - Wels Catfish  : Looking back at Jeremy Wade's nightmare-inducing beasts and heart-stopping encounters.
9:01 PMRiver Monsters: Unhooked - Return of the Killer Catfish
10:01 PMRiver Monsters: Unhooked - Volcanic Island Terror
11:01 PMRiver Monsters - Vampires of the Deep: Jeremy visits a waterfall in the Pacific Northwest where an ancient creature allegedly resides.
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