28 September 2016

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11:04 PMForged in Fire - Kora Sword  : Four new smiths must forge blades using pieces of steel harvested from power tools.
12:03 AMCounting Cars - Run It Like You Brung It  : Mike gives all the guys their own drifter trikes, but they have to customize them, then race them.
12:32 AMCounting Cars Supercharged - El Camino Royale  : Danny seeks inspiration from Wayne Newton who has an impressive car collection.
1:03 AMForged in Fire - Hunga Munga  : Contestants are tasked with making serrated blades out of the tools on the table.
2:06 AMForged in Fire: Cutting Deeper - Champions Edition  : Champions return for a chance to prove themselves; the final two must forge a Scottish claymore.
3:05 AMForged in Fire - Kora Sword  : Four new smiths must forge blades using pieces of steel harvested from power tools.
4:02 AMJumpstart Your Car From ANYWHERE!: The portable lithium power station that can jump start your car, truck, lawn mower and even boats.
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AM10 Ways to Help Arthritis Pain: Arthri-D improves joint health using all natural ingredients! Stop the pain today!
5:30 AMCreate Your Unlimited Wardrobe: Gwynnie Bee is an online women's clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. 30-day free trial!
6:00 AMShark Powered Lift Away is 3 Vacuums In One!: No Loss Suction Vacuum - Dusting brush, Pet Upholstery Tool, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Steam Mop.
6:30 AMTop Chef - BBQ Edition: Take your grilling game to the next level with a radical, new wood fired grill from Traeger Grills.
7:00 AMHow the States Got Their Shapes - A River Runs Through It  : A mistake by the Founding Fathers affects the Georgia-Tennessee border; Maine's abundance of water.
8:00 AMHow the States Got Their Shapes - Force of Nature  : How an asteroid created the border for three states; how glaciers altered the map.
9:00 AMHow the States Got Their Shapes - A Boom With a View  : How Green Bay helped carve the border with Canada; what football has to do with fur; North Carolina.
10:00 AMFort Knox: Secrets Revealed: One of the world's most fortified buildings is the U.S. bullion depository at Fort Knox, Ky.
12:00 PMSecrets of the Founding Fathers: Freemasonry's connections with America's founding fathers; Masonic symbols found on the Great Seal.
2:00 PMWho Really Discovered America?: Exploring the possibilities that others made it to the Americas before Christopher Columbus.
4:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Backroad Samurai: A man moves his collection to a motel in North Carolina; Frank gambles on a samurai artifact.
5:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Dial F for Fritz: Mike and his brother Robbie come across a 1915 Harley; the guys find an antique bear trap.
6:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Cowboys and Cobwebs: Frank and Danielle pick a former trading post; vintage medical curios at Dr. Smith's hospital.
7:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Auburned Out: Mike gambles on a 1935 Auburn; Dave unveils a project one year in the making.
8:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Picking It Forward: A Kansas junkyard is packed with rusty old cars, signs and machinery; charity auction.
9:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Full Speedo Ahead: The guys go see a man with a puzzling nickname who hasn't thrown away anything since the 1950s.
10:00 PMPawn Stars - Pops Pawn: An astrological armillary sphere; a candy dispenser; a signed Louis Armstrong photograph.
10:31 PMPawn Stars - Party on, Pawn: Rick checks out the Wayne's World car; Rick searches for a rare coin.
11:03 PMPawn Stars - Monumental Pawn: Rick goes to look at 1966 Chevy II; a program from the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty.
11:33 PMPawn Stars - Shufflin' and Hustlin': An early version of ``Rip Van Winkle'' enters the shop; a candle shaped like President Nixon's head.