29 April 2017

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11:30 PMModern Family - Arrested: Cameron watches Alex and Luke while Phil, Claire and Mitchell deal with Haley's arrest.
12:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Alternate: Benson and Stabler investigate a woman with multiple personalities who may have killed her daughter.
1:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Avatar: When a gamer goes missing, Benson and Stabler use the woman's avatar to track down her kidnapper.
2:00 AMNCIS: Los Angeles - Revenge Deferred: A discovery sends Callen and Sam to Africa to investigate; Sam's family is moved to a safe house.
3:00 AMNCIS: Los Angeles - The Seventh Child: The team try to rescue a child who is in danger after being brainwashed by a terrorist.
4:00 AMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - Prisoner: The detectives search for a prison warden's kidnapped wife, but all is not as it appears.
5:00 AMLaw & Order: Criminal Intent - Unchained: When the mob kills a police officer's son, investigators find themselves involved in a gang war.
6:00 AMBurn Notice - Reckoning: Michael must regain the trust of those closest to him in order to finish what he started.
7:00 AMNEW Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed with DuoClean Technology: Includes Duo Clean Technology, Pet multi tool, Duster crevice tool & FREE Canister Conversion Kit.
7:30 AMBISSELL CrossWave All-In-One-Multi-Surface-Cleaner: The new BISSELL CrossWave All-In-One multi-surface floor cleaner quickly and effortlessly cleans.
8:00 AMShark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology - For Floors & Carpets: Without moving furniture and appliances, deep clean every nook and cranny in your home with Shark!
8:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
9:00 AMTeam Ninja Warrior - Qualifying Week 1  : Defending champion, Party Time, takes on teams led by Grant McCartney and David Campbell.
10:00 AMTeam Ninja Warrior - Qualifying Week 2  : Teams led by Meagan Martin and Travis Rosen; highlights of the second week.
11:00 AMNCIS - Split Decision: Gibbs and his team investigate when the grisly remains of a Marine ordnance specialist are found.
12:00 PMNCIS - Good Wives Club: The decomposed body of a woman in a wedding dress is found in a subterranean cell.
1:00 PMNCIS - In the Dark: The team asks a blind photographer to help track down a petty officer's killer.
2:00 PMNCIS - About Face: Jimmy Palmer becomes the target of a killer who only he can recognize.
3:00 PMNCIS - Last Man Standing: Gibbs finds a shocking connection between a murder and the director's decision to disband his team.
4:00 PMNCIS - Cloak: The team must play a dangerous war game that leads to very real consequences for one team member.
5:00 PMNCIS - Dagger: The team is forced to rely on information from questionable sources while trying to stop a criminal.
6:00 PMNCIS - Damned If You Do: As the hunt for Eli and Jackie's killer continues, questions are raised about Gibbs and the team.
7:00 PMNCIS - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: An explosion at an event alters Parsons' perspective on Gibbs and the team.
8:00 PMNCIS - Under the Radar: When a Navy lieutenant goes missing, the team uses Twitter to help them solve the case.
9:00 PMNCIS - Rock and a Hard Place: The team must identify the target when a bomb goes off at a military charity concert.
10:00 PMNCIS - The Admiral's Daughter: DiNozzo encounters a controversial crime scene when he is sent to Paris.
11:00 PMNCIS - Stop the Bleeding: Gibbs fights for his life; DiNozzo and Joanna go to Shanghai to take down the Calling.