22 December 2014

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10:00 PMSecrets & Lies: A black London optometrist meets her biological mother, a white factory worker, and other relatives.
12:30 AMThe Trip: Steve Coogan and and Rob Brydon trade clever remarks on a food tour of northern England.
2:30 AMWaiting ...: Restaurant employees ponder their lives.
4:05 AMThe Inheritors: After an Austrian farmer's murder, his land goes to his seven peasant workers instead of neighbors.
5:40 AMSchultze Gets the Blues: A newly discovered love for Cajun music reawakens a dispirited German accordionist's zest for life.
7:30 AMPassing Strange The Movie: Spike Lee films the Broadway musical about a young man who leaves Los Angeles to explore Europe.
10:00 AMSimon Birch: An undersized New Hampshire boy helps a friend learn his father's identity.
12:00 PMThe Amateurs: A small-town citizen convinces his fellow residents to help him make an amateur porn film.
1:40 PMThe Chaperone: A former bank robber accompanies his daughter on a field trip.
3:30 PMHeatstroke: A woman has to evade killers, protect a teenager, and survive in the African desert.
5:05 PMJudge Dredd: Archcriminal vs. 22nd-century lawman.
6:45 PMWelcome to the Punch: A notorious criminal's return to London gives a detective a final chance to bring him to justice.
8:25 PMThe Face of Love: A lonely widow begins a romance with a man who looks just like her late husband.
10:00 PMLove Ranch: A South American boxer comes between the married owners of Nevada's first legal brothel.