15 September 2014

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10:10 PMAsylum: An asylum inmate and an administrator's wife have an affair. Based on a novel by Patrick McGrath.
12:00 AMThe Good Doctor: Smitten with a pretty patient, a doctor tampers with her treatment to keep her close.
1:30 AMMonster: Working as a prostitute in Florida, Aileen Wuornos kills seven men and lands on death row.
3:30 AMBug: Paranoia envelops lost souls at a rundown desert motel. Based on the play by Tracy Letts.
5:15 AMAprs Vous ...: A headwaiter tries to cheer a suicidal man.
7:10 AMThe Hollywood Sign: Three washed-up actors pose as detectives in order to swindle a mobster out of $7 million.
8:45 AMMumford & Sons: The Road to Red Rocks: The band performs two sold-out concerts in Colorado; interviews and footage of the band.
9:45 AMBut I'm a Cheerleader: Parents send their teen to a rehab camp for homosexuals.
11:10 AMThe Truman Show: A man's life is arranged for him, captured on hidden cameras and broadcast internationally.
1:00 PMEnemies Closer: A former Navy SEAL becomes trapped in the wilderness with drug runners and an old enemy.
2:30 PMRed Riding: 1974: A rookie crime reporter tries to solve a series of child abductions.
4:30 PMRed Riding: 1980: Corruption in the police department interferes with the search for a killer in Yorkshire, England.
6:10 PMRed Riding: 1983: A detective asks a local solicitor to help him determine if the wrong man was convicted of murder.
8:00 PMJarhead: Marines band together during the Gulf War. Based on a book by Anthony Swofford.
10:05 PMKilling Them Softly: A hit man is brought in to kill the bumbling thieves who robbed a mob-run poker game.