10 October 2015

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11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Ovary Action: Holiday visitors interrupt Doug and Carrie's attempt to conceive.
12:00 AMThe King of Queens - Food Fight: Carrie grows jealous when Spence's girlfriend recruits Doug to test her homework.
12:30 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Oh God, Yes: Ritchie returns from a church festival with Richard and New Christine with an interest in religion.
1:00 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Separation Anxiety: Barb moves in with Christine, as she and Pete plan on divorcing.
1:30 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - The Champ: Christine admits she is attracted to Stan, with whom she serves lunch at Ritchie's school.
2:00 AMHow I Met Your Mother - Blitzgiving: The gang, minus Ted, parties all night with The Blitz, an old friend from college.
2:30 AMHow I Met Your Mother - The Mermaid Theory: Ted asks Zoey's husband to hang out; Robin and Marshall decide to spend some time together.
3:00 AMRoseanne - Labor Day: Roseanne tries to limit Fred's participation when Jackie goes into labor.
3:30 AMRoseanne - Past Imperfect: When Dan's father (Ned Beatty) misses an alimony payment, he and Roseanne argue about covering it.
4:00 AMRoseanne - Lies My Father Told Me: Roseanne helps Dan understand his dad's lying about his mom's mental state.
4:30 AMThe Nanny - Oy Vey, You're Gay: Maxwell's new publicist takes a romantic interest in a member of the household.
5:00 AMThe Nanny - The Party's Over: Fran is arrested for operating a singles-party business without a license.
5:30 AMThe Nanny - The Two Mrs. Sheffields: To get back at his overbearing mother, Maxwell proposes to Fran.
6:00 AMFamily Feud
6:36 AMFamily Feud
7:12 AMFamily Feud
7:48 AMFamily Feud
8:24 AMFamily Feud
9:00 AMFamily Feud
9:30 AMRoseanne - I Pray the Lord My Stove to Keep: D.J. makes Roseanne feel guilty for keeping a mistaken delivery.
10:00 AMRoseanne - Body by Jake: Bev moves in after breaking her pelvis at the retirement home.
10:30 AMRoseanne - Isn't It Romantic?: Dan turns to a soap opera for help in an attempt to rekindle the romance in his marriage.
11:00 AMRoseanne - Altar Egos: Egos clash when Jackie and Fred can't make a decision about marriage.
11:30 AMRoseanne - Nine Is Enough: Space limitations prompt Dan and Roseanne to boot Becky and Mark.
12:00 PMReba - Reba's Rules of Real Estate: Reba is thrilled when the city's hottest real estate agent wants to interview her for a job.
12:30 PMReba - Driving Miss Kyra: When Kyra passes her driving test, Barbra Jean makes her sign a safety contract.
1:00 PMReba - Go Far: Brock volunteers to be a football coach and encourages Jake to try out for the team.
1:30 PMReba - Help Wanted: Reba gives in to Cheyenne's pleas and hires the unemployed Van as her assistant.
2:00 PMReba - Hello, My Name Is Cheyenne: Reba takes it upon herself to keep Van sober when she suspects he has a drinking problem.
2:30 PMReba - Where There's Smoke: Cheyenne and Van must run interference at a client party after Reba takes a pill, by mistake.
3:00 PMReba - Reba and the One: Barbra Jean signs Reba up for an online dating, Reba starts spending less time with the family.
3:30 PMReba - As Is: When Reba teams up with Van to invest in real estate, Van buys an uninspected house.
4:00 PMReba - And God Created Van: Cheyenne asks Reba to talk some sense into Van when he stops going to church.
4:30 PMReba - No Good Deed: Reba and Jake take in a stray dog that survived Hurricane Katrina, and the owners stay as well.
5:00 PMReba - Best Li'l Haunted House in Texas: Reba is disappointed when her plans for Halloween fall through.
5:30 PMMy Cousin Vinny: A Brooklyn lawyer defends his cousin in Alabama.
8:00 PMInstant Mom - Basket Case 
8:28 PMInstant Mom - Turning a Blind Eye  : Maggie bribes James and Aaron to pretend to be her younger brothers.
9:00 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Canister: Marie accuses Debra of not returning a canister of sentimental value.
9:30 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Net Worth: Debra is angry when Ray contributes $1,000 to his friends' kart business without consulting her.
10:00 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Let's Fix Robert: The women in Robert's life gather to discuss his relationship history.
10:30 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Say Uncle: Ray is jealous because he thinks his brother Robert is spending too much time with his kids.
11:00 PMThe King of Queens - Ovary Action: Holiday visitors interrupt Doug and Carrie's attempt to conceive.
11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Food Fight: Carrie grows jealous when Spence's girlfriend recruits Doug to test her homework.