6 March 2015

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMArgo: A CIA agent hatches a risky plan to get six Americans out of Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis.
2:00 AMChronicle: Three high-school friends make a discovery that gives them incredible powers.
4:00 AMRescue Me - Kansas: Tommy tries to ruin the finances of Janet's boyfriend; Chief Reilly faces suspension.
5:00 AMWolfgang Puck's Cooking Secrets Revealed
5:30 AMBISSELL: Easy Hard Floor Cleaning: Order now and receive FREE Shipping! BISSELL(R) Symphony(tm) All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop!
6:00 AMTotal Gym. Does it work?: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment to get into the best shape of your life!
6:30 AMT25 Sexy Bodies!
7:00 AMBuffy the Vampire Slayer - End of Days: Buffy rejoins the fray wielding a mystical new weapon; Angel fights at the slayer's side.
8:00 AMAnger Management - Charlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail: One of Charlie's patients from his prison anger therapy group shows up; Jennifer dates an ex-con.
8:30 AMAnger Management - Charlie Outs a Patient: Charlie evaluates his involvement with his patients when he helps a patient hook up with a woman.
9:00 AMTwo and a Half Men - Keith Moon Is Vomiting in His Grave: Jake's new friend, Eldridge, is a bad influence; Alan likes Eldrigdge's attractive mother.
9:30 AMTwo and a Half Men - I Called Him Magoo: Alan tries for an intimate night at a hotel with his new girlfriend.
10:00 AMTwo and a Half Men - Gumby With a Pokey: While Alan and Jake are away on a road trip, Charlie is visited by the ghosts of his ex-girlfriends.
10:30 AMTwo and a Half Men - This Is Not Gonna End Well: Charlie's license is suspended; Alan plans to go to Chelsea's birthday party.
11:00 AMImmortals: A stonemason revolts against a bloodthirsty king who seeks dominion over the gods.
1:30 PMZero Dark Thirty: An elite group of intelligence and military operatives devotes itself to finding Osama bin Laden.
5:00 PMPrometheus: Space explorers must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.
8:00 PMMike & Molly - Peggy Gets a Job: Mike encourages his mother to get a job, not realizing how it will impact Molly's life.
8:30 PMMike & Molly - Mike Cheats: As Thanksgiving Day approaches, Mike starts to secretly cheat on his diet.
10:00 PMMike & Molly - Molly Needs a Number: When Molly is overwhelmed with wedding planning, she turns to Mike for help.
10:30 PMMike & Molly - Christmas Break: Molly's disappointment about something at work gets in the way of the holiday spirit.
11:00 PMMike & Molly - Carl Has Issues: Carl panics when Christina wants to take their relationship to the next level.
11:30 PMMike & Molly - Victoria Can't Drive: Molly and Joyce ask Mike for help when Victoria is arrested for a number of driving violations.