4 July 2015

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11:50 PMBeyond the Valley of the Dolls: Three college singers join a Hollywood scene of debauchery, drugs and rock 'n' roll.
1:40 AMThe Rocky Horror Picture Show: A couple of squares land at a mansion with weirdos.
3:20 AMZane's Sex Chronicles - Wrong Number: Lyric suspects Estaban is cheating; Eboni's father visits unexpectedly.
3:55 AMSlap Shot: An old-time hockey player tells his minor-league team to play dirty, and fans love it.
6:00 AMA Fistful of Dollars: An amoral gunman works both sides of a divided Western town.
7:45 AMJohn Grisham's The Rainmaker: A Memphis law school grad battles an insurance giant.
10:00 AMGrilled: Two down-on-their-luck meat salesmen land in hot water when their ``foolproof'' scheme backfires.
11:25 AMShe's All That: A cool teen bets a friend that he can transform the school's geekiest girl into a prom queen.
1:05 PM10 Things I Hate About You: A pretty, popular student can't date until her rebellious older sister gets a suitor of her own.
2:45 PMThe Hammer: A 40-year-old underachiever trains for a spot on the U.S. Olympic boxing team.
4:15 PMWish I Was Here: A struggling actor faces financial and emotional turmoil in the face of his father's imminent death.
6:05 PMWe're the Millers: A drug dealer heads to Mexico with a fake family to smuggle a big shipment back into the U.S.
8:00 PMThe Thomas Crown Affair: A billionaire becomes a suspect in an art theft.
10:00 PMRush: Grand Prix racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda share an intense rivalry.