3 September 2015

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11:45 PMA Wife's Secret: A beautiful housewife works as a prostitute.
1:10 AMSummer of Sam: People deal with serial killings in their neighborhood.
3:35 AMLife on Top - Happy Endings: Cassia opens her restaurant; Maya gets a shot at redemption; Sophie reconsiders a Vegas trip.
4:10 AMThe Corruptor: An NYPD recruit and his superior work to dampen the war between Triads and Dragons in Chinatown.
6:05 AMRocket Science: A teenager with a stuttering problem joins his high-school debate team.
7:50 AMDeuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo: A fish-tank cleaner becomes a gigolo by accident.
9:20 AMWish I Was Here: A struggling actor faces financial and emotional turmoil in the face of his father's imminent death.
11:10 AMKissing Jessica Stein: A woman becomes intimate with another woman.
12:50 PMEvolution: A scientist teaching at a community college discovers rapidly developing organisms on a meteor.
2:35 PMThe Last King of Scotland: The personal physician of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin witnesses his murderous reign of terror.
4:40 PM16 Blocks: A world-weary cop must protect a trial witness from those who want to kill him.
6:25 PMFinal Destination 3: Death stalks young survivors of a horrible roller-coaster accident.
8:00 PMStrike Back: The British ambassador to Thailand learns that his daughter has been kidnapped.
8:50 PMStrike Back: The Section 20 team knows that it must find out who Ray McQueen is really working for.
9:40 PMStrike Back: Section 20 learns the shocking truth about Mei Foster; the Yakuza attacks the team.
10:30 PMStrike Back: The team tries to prevent the deal between the Yakuza and Office 39 from going ahead.
11:20 PMStrike Back: Scott and Stonebridge enter North Korea, looking to spoil a nuclear weapons celebration.