4 May 2015

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11:45 PMLolita From Interstellar Space: A shapely alien coed is sent to Earth to learn how humans mate.
1:10 AMA Clockwork Orange: Young Alex and his droogs commit barbaric acts in a near-future, dehumanizing society.
3:30 AMSin City Diaries - Portrait: A former love interest of Angelica's connection to an art dealer leads to danger.
4:10 AMThe Counselor: A successful lawyer gets in over his head when he decides to dabble in the drug trade.
6:10 AMBananas: Rejected by his radical girlfriend, a wimpy New Yorker heads for San Marcos to lead its revolution.
7:35 AMStaying Alive: ``Saturday Night Fever'' disco dancer tries for Broadway.
9:15 AMBroken Arrow: A renegade Air Force pilot commandeers two nuclear bombs.
11:05 AM28 Days: A problem drinker unwillingly undergoes rehabilitation.
12:50 PMThe Truth About Charlie: A woman meets a stranger before her husband's murder.
2:35 PMInside Man: A tough detective matches wits with a bank robber, while an enigmatic woman has her own agenda.
4:45 PMDawn of the Dead: Milwaukee residents fight zombies in a mall.
6:30 PMRunner Runner: The FBI coerces a Princeton grad student into helping bring his shady mentor to justice.
8:05 PMThe Rite: A skeptical seminary student reluctantly attends a Vatican school of exorcism.
10:00 PMCalvary: A dedicated and honest priest receives a death threat during confession.
11:45 PMA Wife's Secret: A beautiful housewife works as a prostitute.