7 October 2015

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10:00 PMTransformers: Humanity's fate hangs in the balance when two races of robots bring their war to Earth.
12:25 AMCo-Ed Confidential 2: Sophomores: Feature 1: Back 2 School: A compilation of episodes from season two of the erotic series set at a college.
1:55 AMBehind Enemy Lines: A Navy admiral orders the rescue of a fighter pilot after the Serbs shoot down his plane in Bosnia.
3:45 AMThe Last Castle: A court-martialed general leads a revolt against a corrupt warden in a military prison.
6:00 AMBedazzled: In an attempt to woo the woman of his dreams, a man sells his soul to the devil for seven wishes.
7:35 AMIdiocracy: A dullard awakens 500 years in the future and finds that he is the smartest person alive.
9:00 AMThe Wedding Planner: A lonely organizer falls for an engaged pediatrician while coordinating his wedding and reception.
10:45 AMUnhitched: A loser tries to help his best friend win the woman of his dreams.
12:25 PMDallas Buyers Club: AIDS patient Ron Woodroof smuggles medicine into the United States.
2:25 PMHalloween H2O: 20 Years Later: In hiding for two decades, a traumatized woman learns her murderous brother has returned for her.
3:55 PMRoboCop: Corporate scientists turn a dead Detroit policeman into a cyborg crime-fighter.
5:40 PMThat Awkward Moment: Three single pals vow to have as much fun as possible while holding fast to their bachelorhood.
7:15 PMSnatch: An unlicensed boxing promoter gets involved with a big-time criminal, and a heist goes awry.
9:00 PMStrike Back: Locke is convinced that Li-Na and Kwon are targeting U.N. headquarters in Geneva.
10:00 PMVan Helsing: A monster-hunter battles creatures in Transylvania.