27 April 2015

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10:00 PMTrue Lies: A Washington wife discovers her computer-salesman husband is a spy out to stop nuclear terrorists.
12:25 AMLife on Top - Growing Pains: Bella struggles with getting older; Sophie makes her decision.
1:00 AMLife on Top - All In: Sophie's gambling takes a serious turn when Tai ups the ante.
1:35 AMThe Cell 2: A psychic investigator must enter the mind of a serial killer to end his bloody reign of terror.
3:10 AMFemme Fatales - Behind Locked Doors  : Starlet Lacy Rivers uses her feminine wiles and acting ability to survive in prison.
3:55 AMState and Main: A director encounters numerous problems while filming a movie in small-town Vermont.
5:45 AMSweet Honey Chile': A young boy helps his mother cope with the death of her father.
6:05 AMLucky You: A poker player tries balancing a love affair with his aim for a slot in the world championship game.
8:15 AMThe Counselor: A successful lawyer gets in over his head when he decides to dabble in the drug trade.
10:15 AMA Guy Thing: After his bachelor party, a man wakes up in bed with his fiancee's cousin, a dancer at the bash.
12:00 PMSerenity: A spaceship crew gets caught in a deadly conflict. Based on the TV series ``Firefly.''
2:05 PMThe Savages: Grown siblings must care for their senile father.
4:05 PMCharlie's Angels: Three detectives try to rescue a computer pro. Based on the 1970s TV series.
5:50 PMPrivate Parts: Howard Stern recalls his personal life and the controversial style that made him a radio celebrity.
7:45 PMMiami Vice: Detectives Crockett and Tubbs take on drug lords in South Florida. Based on the television show.
10:00 PMThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty: A man escapes his monotonous life by inhabiting a world of exciting daydreams.