7 February 2016

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10:00 PMGone Girl: The husband of a missing woman becomes the chief suspect in her disappearance.
12:30 AMWicked Deeds: A schemer sets his sights on a beauty's assets.
2:05 AMEnemy at the Gates: A Nazi sniper targets a Russian sharpshooter in World War II Stalingrad.
4:20 AMWes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000: A London antiquary fights his nemesis in New Orleans. Based on a book by Bram Stoker.
6:00 AMThe Poseidon Adventure: Clergyman leads capsized-liner survivors to high point.
8:00 AMHollow Man: A scientist tests an invisibility serum, with horrific results.
9:55 AMBlack Knight: An underachiever in Los Angeles time-travels to 14th-century England and battles an evil king.
11:30 AMVice: An artificial human at an exclusive resort flees after becoming self-aware.
1:10 PMPoseidon: Survivors aboard a capsized ocean liner band together in a fight for their lives.
2:50 PMThe Jacket: An amnesiac has flashbacks and visions of the future.
4:35 PMDeception: An accountant becomes the prime suspect in a woman's disappearance after he joins a sex club.
6:25 PMThis Is Where I Leave You: Dad's last request forces four world-weary siblings together to re-examine their relationships.
8:10 PMO Brother, Where Art Thou?: Three escaped convicts search for buried treasure. Based in part on Homer's ``The Odyssey.''
10:00 PMThe Judge: A slick lawyer defends his father who is charged with a hit-and-run death.