1 August 2014

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10:00 PMPacific Rim: Human pilots use gigantic robots in a long-term war against legions of monstrous creatures.
12:15 AMSerena the Sexplorer: A sexy and innocent alien temptress comes to Earth to learn our sex secrets.
1:30 AMThe Bourne Legacy: A specially enhanced government agent goes on the run when his life may be forfeit.
3:45 AMCo-Ed Confidential - I Don't: The straight-laced Karen gives everyone a shock with the arrival of someone from her past.
4:20 AMStoker: A grieving, friendless teen becomes infatuated with her eccentric uncle.
6:00 AMCinderella Man: Down-and-out boxer Jim Braddock makes a dramatic comeback.
8:30 AMAlexander: The young Macedonian king and general leads his army into battle to conquer much of the known world.
11:15 AMBehind Enemy Lines: A Navy admiral orders the rescue of a fighter pilot after the Serbs shoot down his plane in Bosnia.
1:10 PMOblivion: A stranger's arrival triggers one man's battle to save mankind.
3:15 PMNational Lampoon's Dorm Daze 2: College students take a chaotic cruise on a ship containing a priceless stolen jewel.
5:00 PMThe Incredible Burt Wonderstone: A slick new performer threatens the status of a popular Las Vegas act by two longtime magicians.
6:45 PMThe 40-Year-Old Virgin: Three co-workers unite to help their buddy's sex life.
8:45 PMBeavis and Butt-head Do America: Numbskull teens fall in with arms dealers. Animated. Based on the TV series.
10:15 PMDawn of the Dead: Milwaukee residents fight zombies in a mall.