30 November 2015

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:50 PMCo-Ed Confidential 2: Sophomores: Feature 4: On Again, Off Again: A compilation of episodes from season two of the erotic series set at a college.
1:55 AMBlackhat: A furloughed convict and his partners hunt a global cybercrime network.
4:10 AMThe Corruptor: An NYPD recruit and his superior work to dampen the war between Triads and Dragons in Chinatown.
6:05 AMThe Chase: An escaped convict kidnaps an heiress, then steers her BMW for Mexico with police close behind.
7:35 AMSerial Mom: A seemingly perfect wife and mother from Baltimore gains celebrity status as a serial killer.
9:10 AMPoseidon: Survivors aboard a capsized ocean liner band together in a fight for their lives.
10:50 AMFlash of Genius: Robert Kearns fights the auto industry over an invention. Based on an article by John Seabrook.
12:50 PMThe Grand Budapest Hotel: A lobby boy becomes the apprentice and loyal friend of a deluxe hotel's renowned concierge.
2:35 PMBrown Sugar: A music producer falls for his longtime friend.
4:25 PMUptown Girls: A carefree woman becomes a nanny to an uptight girl.
6:00 PMContact: A scientist seeks alien beings after receiving mysterious messages from deep space.
8:30 PMAnother Me: Fay's life slowly unravels when she is stalked by a mysterious double.
10:00 PMThe Knick - Williams and Walker: Thackery readies himself to attempt the separation of conjoined twins; Cornelia attends a gala ball.
11:00 PMA Perfect Murder: A commodities trader takes action when his wife has an affair with a bohemian painter.